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Erratic monsoon clouds hydro power generation

Hydro power generation in the state may decline over the next couple of weeks due to erratic and deficient monsoon. This is in contrast to the sharp jump in hydro electricity generation witnessed during the past few weeks.

“Even as the generation has gone up, the reservoir build up (water level) has not been upto the mark this year. If this situation (of erratic monsoon rainfall) continues for next 15 days, then we will have to change our strategy accordingly,” said Miraj Mishra, director, operation, of Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd (OHPC).

Daily generation from seven hydro power plants in the state reached up to 722 MW this week, up from 210 MW in early June. However, as the monsoon rainfall has been below normal so far, power managers feel this could hurt generation in coming days.

“All reservoirs, except Burla, have water levels below or at par with (MDDL) Minimum Draw Down Level. The generations had gone up on expectation of better rainfall, but it has to come down as rainfall has not been satisfactory,” said a senior official of state-run power trader Gridco.

As of Tuesday, Odisha received 18 per cent less rainfall this monsoon. In districts like Kalahandi, Nawrangpur, Angul and Malakanagiri, belonging to western and southern parts of the state, where all hydro power stations are situated, the rainfall deficit ranged between 18 and 21 per cent. Only Sambalpur district in western Odisha received 5 per cent more rainfall between June 1 and July 17.

Koraput district, which houses largest reservoir Machkund and Upper Kolab power station, received only 48 per cent of normal rainfall during current monsoon, data from Regional Meteorological Centre, Bhubaneswar showed.

Even though hydro power generation does not contribute significantly to meet the state’s power demand, cash-strapped Gridco depends on it heavily due to its low cost and easier availability. This summer, thermal units operating in the state had to shut down operations frequently due to technical glitch or coal supply problems, compelling the power trader to look for other sources such as captive power plants.

Gridco is currently drawing about 2,750 MW from all its sources, which is still short by about 50-100 MW from average demand. To meet the deficit, the power trader either resorts to over drawal from eastern grid at astronomical costs or cuts power supply in peak hours.

Odisha has been grappling with power shortages since November 2011. To meet the summer power need of the state, Gridco had finalised agreements with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) to draw 200 MW for a month via power banking, which ended on May 1. In return, it had agreed to return the power with 5 per cent interest during August-September, betting on surplus hydro power generation in monsoon months.

“It has been seen that when monsoon gets delayed, we get ample rainfall towards late August or September. We are hoping that reservoir build up will be very good in next month,” said Mishra of OHPC.

Bargarh cops crack fake lottery racket

SAMBALPUR: Bargarh police made a breakthrough in fake lottery case by arresting four Nigerians and one Ugandan in New Delhi recently. The accused, N Anthony, Max well, Okonkwo Nambichery, John Abboid Bayjoi (all Nigerians) and Kisakai Fanta Bela (the Ugandan) have been brought to Bargarh. They had swindled more than Rs 5 lakh from a resident of Bargarh.

“We arrested them in New Delhi on July 14 and brought them on police remand. We will forward them to judicial custody on Tuesday after interrogation”, the SDPO (Bargarh) Amarendra Rana said on Monday evening. A special police team had gone to the national capital to arrest them.

Guru is not for fashion

Go to guru, to surrender. Surrender means that one will accept whatever the guru says. It is not that one thinks, “I do not care for my guru’s order. Still I am a disciple.” That is not actually accepting a guru.

Just like Arjuna surrendered to Krishna. You must find out guru where you can surrender. Not that you keep guru your order supplier, “Give me some ashirvad and I may be benefited.” He is not guru; he is your order supplier, your servant. Guru means he must order, “You must do this.” If we agree, then he is a guru. Not that “I shall order my guru, and he will execute my order.” that the dog will do, not the guru. You ask your dog, “Sit down here,” a dog will sit. That kind of guru keeping has no value.

We shouldn’t go to a guru simply because a guru may be fashionable at the moment. Just as you sometimes keep a dog as a fashion, if you want to keep a guru as a fashion—”I have a guru”—that will not help. You must accept a guru who can extinguish the blazing fire of anxiety within your heart. Everyone in the material life, in all species and varieties of life, is full of anxieties. So if you want to be anxiety-less, then you must take shelter of the guru, the spiritual master. And the test of the guru is that by following his instructions you’ll be free from anxiety.

However, a guru is not a person who simply manufactures gold or juggles words just to attract foolish people and make money. An actual guru is one who is fully trained in the ocean of spiritual knowledge.

Nrusinghanath Temple

The Vidala-Nrusimha Temple stands amidst the verdant beauty of the picturesque Gandhamardan Hills. Nrusinghanath is a popular and attractive pilgrim point. Coupled with a series of beautiful waterfalls and some sculptures, its location offers an air of serenity and visual delight, making the trip worthwhile. It is only 165 km away from Sambalpur.

The present temple, situated at the source of the ‘Papaharini’ stream, is a 14th century structure built on a more very old site. The four pillars within the ‘Jagmohana’ suggest that the earlier temple was built in the 9th century. The beautiful doorframes have been dated to the 11th century.The site of the temple is sole. Stone steps wind up the hillside behind the temple, leading past a waterfall, and eventually curving under the falls to a spot where some beautiful and very well preserved relief sculptures are found.

The climb to the carvings and return journey will take about an hour. Since shoes are not permitted on these sanctified pilgrimage steps, those with tender feet should take along a pair of heavy socks for the climb.On the reverse slope of the hill on which the temple is located, is the “Harishankar Temple”. Between the two temples there is a 16-km. plateau, littered with Buddhist ruins that scholars feel may be the remains of the ancient University of “Parimalagiri”, referred to by the 7th century Chinese traveler ‘Hiuen T’sang’ as “Po-lo-mo-lo-ki-li”.

Let go of the fear that if you’re relaxed or happy, you’re going to fall

When you eat too much, the energy that is usually directed toward normal body functions – healing, cell division, metabolism, and all sorts of other good stuff – must go toward digestion. This makes you feel sleepy and lethargic. You lose motivation and energy.

There is an emotional equivalent. You can extend this same metaphor to your tendency to be overly serious and immobilized over little things. When you are angry, bothered, and annoyed, virtually all the mental and emotional energy that could otherwise be used for creativity, spontaneity, and mental ambition is taken away.

When you focus on things that irritate you, it interferes with the process of creation. It keeps you down, stuck, focused not on the wonder and mystery of life and its many possibilities but on what’s lacking, what’s wrong, and all that makes you mad and frustrated.

As you lighten up, relax, and unwind, you open the doors of creativity and joy that were previously hidden. So, starting today, remind yourself that it’s okay to relax – in fact, it’s more than okay, it’s downright important.