Why do you need a guru?

People generally go to guru, “Sir, I have got some pain. Give me some ashirvad so that my pain may be cured.” “But why you have come here for curing your pain? You can go to some doctor, or you can take some tablet. Is it the purpose of coming to guru?”

But generally they come to guru and ask for blessing for some material benefit. It is not the guru’s task to supply gold and medicine. Not that “I have got some pain here, I have some trouble or some…” These are not problems. This problem one should tolerate. They do not know what is the problem of life and why go to guru. And the so-called gurus also take advantage of this ignorance of the public.

The guru does not know what is his responsibility, and the public do not know what for one should go to guru. This is the difficulty. You should be intelligent. Why do you accept so many cheaters as guru? First of all you know what is the subject matter of knowledge. Just like if you want to become a carpenter, you should go to an expert carpenter. If you want to be a medical man, you must approach the medical college.

So first of all, you do not know what you want. Therefore you get so many cheaters. You do not know what is the aim of human life. To be happy? You do not know what is happiness. Your happiness is that you do not like to die: but you die. You do not like to become old man: you become old. This is unhappiness. Intelligence is that “I do not want death. Why death comes upon me?” This knowledge will lead you to understand what is happiness.

Ref: Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.18- Vrndavana, November 6, 1976

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