Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Maoists shadow over Hirakud

The joint combing operation by the security forces may have forced the Maoists to retreat to neighbouring Chhattisgarh but not forever. They are bound to return once the operation slows down. Their presence is now being reported in new areas close to Hirakud Dam and Gandhamardan hill range. It has, in fact, come as a

Krishna, nemesis of Kansa, is born

The highlight of day two on Saturday was the much-awaited birth of Lord Krishna. With this, the Dhanu Yatra has livened up and begun to draw crowds. Enactment of ‘Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay’, began with demon King Kansa forcibly taking over the reigns from? his father King Ugrasen and imprisoning his sister Devaki and

Bargarh Dhanuyatra 2011 – 2012

“Dhanuyatra” happens to be a great mass festival of Odisha which is based on the exploits of Lord Krishna. Whenever the virtuous and the righteousness are demoralized and the sinners are at the top of the Supreme. Being, the Almighty God, manifess himself on Earth to protect the saints and innocents as well as to

Orissa Police detain 4 Maoists in Bargarh

The tip coronet of a district military disclosed this to a mediapersons during Bargarh on Sunday. Kavita Jalan, Superintendent of Police, pronounced a fifth insurgent managed to shun while a 4 others were hold on a highway in Amarpali. “Acting on a tip off, we were told that a china colour automobile in Paikmal area