Maoists shadow over Hirakud

The joint combing operation by the security forces may have forced the Maoists to retreat to neighbouring Chhattisgarh but not forever. They are bound to return once the operation slows down. Their presence is now being reported in new areas close to Hirakud Dam and Gandhamardan hill range. It has, in fact, come as a headache for the police, as there is no security system in place to guard the reservoir.

Sources said a group of armed Maoists, including female cadres, held meetings over the past few days in the villages of Khajria, Santra and Jhagdabehera in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary area of Barapahad forest range. During their meeting with the villagers, it is learnt, that the Maoists asked them to fight against Dungri Limestone mines of ACC Cement here and resist any mining. The Maoists called upon people to demand development activity in the area and reassured their support.

Hitting out at the Government for their anti-people policies, they said all the policies were targeted at the rich and powerful and the people should wage a war and fight for their legitimate rights.

Though there were reports of their movement in the sanctuary area, police denied. However, with the police launching combing operation, their earlier visit to the area has been established.

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