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Admn Imposes Blanket Ban on Vulgar Dances During Sital Sasthi Carnival

Sambalpur police has decided to impose a blanket ban on vulgar dances during the three-day Sital Sasthi festival which will be celebrated here from 2nd June.

Taking note of strong reactions to ‘public display of obscenity’ in the procession during Sital Sasthi celebration, police administration here has come up with strictures not to allow vulgar dance, locally termed as ‘Bai Nacha’.

Sambalpur SP Prateek Mohanty, at a preparatory meeting on Wednesday, said vulgar dance will not be allowed during Sital Sasthi Jatra on June 3 and 4. He threatened of stringent measures against the organisers and the artistes if they do not follow the stricture. Mohanty asked all the organising committees to submit route charts for their processions.

Speaking on the occasion, Collector Balwant Singh said police would initiate immediate step if any of the committees is found holding dance performances by nautch girls during the carnival.

Sital Sashti marks the marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. The festival is conceived as a real marriage with two families playing the roles of parents, one of them as Bara Pita (groom’s father) and the other as Kanya Pita (bride’s father). But it is the return of the ‘barat’ which is the highlight of the festival drawing crowds in droves.

Traditional folk dances like Dalkhai, Rasarkeli, Gotipua and Ghumra add to the festive spirit. Eunuchs and nautch girls also join in. While eunuchs from nearby areas participate in large numbers to pay their obeisance to Lord Shiva, also referred to as ‘Ardhanariswara’, dancing girls, popularly referred to as ‘bais’, are roped in from neighbouring states. Of late, vulgarity has crept into the performance of the dancing girls leading to public outcry with many demanding it to be stopped. Although every year, the local administration steps up vigil to put a ban on ‘indecent’ performances by these nautch girls during the carnival, it has proved futile so far.

Meanwhile, it was also decided that a police control room would be opened at the Town police station where officials of all line departments like fire, PHD, health, excise and Wesco will remain present to attend to the complaints. Police personnel in civil clothes would be deployed to check crime and raids undertaken jointly with Excise officials to curb sale of liquor during the carnival.

The Sambalpur Municipality authorities were directed to maintain sanitation in the town and supply water through tankers. It was also asked to spruce up bathing ghats of river Mahanadi.


Sital Sashti marks the marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati

Traditional folk dances like Dalkhai, Rasarkeli, Gotipua and Ghumra add to the festive spirit

Dancing girls, popularly referred to as ‘bais’, are often roped in from neighbouring states

Heat fails to dampen Sital Sashti revelry

The scorching heat failed to deter the enthusiasm of more than one lakh people, who thronged to seep in the festive joy during the climax of Sital Sasthi Yatra, here on Sunday. This western Odisha town recorded 46.3 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 30.1 degree Celsius, higher than Saturday’s 27 degree Celsius.

The revellers took part in the procession during which the divine couple go around the town in decorated chariots. The wedding ceremony of Loknath Baba of Jhaduapara, Balunkeswar Baba of Nandapara, Jageswar Baba of Modipara and Sitaleswar Baba of Badabazar got over on Saturday morning. Then the puja committees started the procession from Saturday night. This went on till Sunday afternoon. The carnival ended with the deities returning to their respective temples.

This year dancers from across the country took part in the procession. The folk artistes from Rajasthan, Punjab, Assam and Chhattisgarh added a lot of colour to the festival. There was a dash of glamour with the album and record dancers making their presence felt during the carnival.

“We invited folk dancers from different part of the country to make the festival more attractive. We have also paid special attention to the dress code of the dancers,” said Amulya Mishra, president of the joint coordination committee of the yatra.

Elaborate police arrangements had been made to curb any untoward incident. Voluntary organizations distributed water and food to people at different places to counter the heat wave. They also sprinkled water on the streets. “Although the summer heat was unbearable, we took part in the festival because of the love and affection of the people”, a dancer from Chhattisgarh said.

Sital Sasthi: Gods back in their abodes

After a week-long festivity, curtains came down on the Sital Sasthi in Sambalpur. As the Lords entered their respective temples on Sunday, revellers retired to their homes after having hectic time.

Earlier in the morning, intense heat and humidity failed to dampen the spirits of people who kept thronging various Shiva temples to get a glimpse of the homecoming procession of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Considered the biggest cultural carnival of Asia, more than 5,000 artistes had arrived in Sambalpur to perform the traditional dances. Dance troupes from Assam, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Purlia were invited.

Vulgar dance organizers face police music

Police arrested two persons on Sunday for allegedly promoting raunchy dances during the Sital Sasthi festival at Barpali in Bargarh district.

Police said the accused, Ashok Sahu and Tatan Talukdar, had organized a vulgar dance show in a play ground and charging money from people eager to see it. “We have taken immediate step to stop the dance that was organized in the local play ground and arrested the two for organizing the show at Barpali during Sital Sasthi festival,” said IIC (Barpali) PK Meher.

Sources said the dance was supposed to be organized in the local football ground on May 22 and 23 during late night and dancers from outside were specially invited to perform in it. The organizers were charging Rs 30 per person as entry fee. The dancers allegedly performed vulgar dance by wearing skimpy clothes during the dance. Police, however, stopped the show on May 23 after receiving complaint from the local people. However, police arrested the two organizers of the show only on Sunday following the intervention of the Bargarh SP, sources said.

On the other hand, similar dances were organized in Balangir town during the procession of the Sital Sasthi festival on Sunday. Dancers from outside Odisha performed vulgar dances. Social activists alleged that the dance was performed in presence of police and the administration took no step to stop the show.

Lord Shiva-Parbati, the newly wedded couple visit the city to bless the devotees

Lord Shiva-Parbati, the newly wedded couple visit the city to bless the devoteesAfter the sacred marriage ceremony of lord Shiva-Parbati, the newly wedded couple have paid a visit to the city to bless the devotees. The couple after tying their knot returned to the temple and on the midnight started their visit to the city with other deities. In a well decorated Chariot the godly couple created an ambiance of real marriage and the only exception was people in lakhs were on the streets to see the couple.

Places like Nandapada, Jhaduapada, Mudipada are crowded being Shitalsasthi and Shiva-parbati Marriage is done here. The Bambarada Balunkeswar of Nandapada along with Parbati visiting in the city along with Sakhigopal, Panchabaktra & Nrusgha in a Chariot made of Parabha. Tablues on the theme of Women Education, Wildlife Conservation, Sambalpuri Culture & Sunstroke Awareness were also a part of the yatra. Megha Dance of Puri, Ghanta party from Bolangir and Bargarh, Darpan of Chhatisgarha, Madal, Dandapat, Odissi, Tribhngi, Dhankuta, Jodi Sankha of Berhumpur, Bhangda, Dholki of Patna, Kobra of Waltier, Ghoda-Bagha, Chhau Dance etc werethe attraction in Cultural programmes.

Lord Lokanatha & Parbati along with Radhakrushna, Hanuman & Panchabaktra of Jhaduapada started their yatra in a well decorated chariot. In the procession more than 25 cultural programme teams have participated. Artists from Punjab, Bihar, Chhatisgarh have participated along with other cultural teams.

Sital ShasthiThe main attraction of Mudipada Yatra was the local artist’s decorated Chariot made with parabha where Jageswar Mahadev-Parbati, Radhakrushna & Hanuman started their yatra. Tablues on the theme of Sai Baba, Sachin’s 100th Century, Wildman, Cow Conservaton etc were attracting people around Sambalpur. Cultural parties from different part of the state are performing in the yatra while artists from Assam, Rajsthan & Cuttack were performing danceand music on mobile stages.

Sitaleswar of Badabazar, Pahadeswar of Budharaja, Madhata of Maneswar, Gupteswar of Thakurpada, Tarakeswar of sindurapanka, Nilakantheswar of Hirakud also have started their yatra in the city. All the deities will return to the temple by Sunday evening.


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