Freedom from hankering, lamentation and fear

The grace of the Lord is abhaya, free from fearfulness. The benediction of the Lord is never to be lost. It is simply to be enjoyed. One simply gains and enjoys gaining. Bhagavad-gita also confirms this: when one achieves the grace of the Lord, the result is that all distresses are destroyed. When situated in the transcendental position, one is freed from the two kinds of material diseases—hankering and lamentation. Lamentation is for loss, and hankering is for gain. Hankering means, “I have no money, but if I get a million dollars, then I’ll be happy.” And when we have a million dollars, somehow it will be lost. So lamentation, “Oh, I have lost it!” So both hankering and lamentation are distresses. If someone accumulates a million dollars, he is always full of fear thinking, “What if the money is lost?” When one is situated in his own spiritual consciousness, then he will have no hankering and no lamentation. If we know that Krishna is the source and proprietor of the entire material energy, we understand that everything belongs to Him and that anything gained is given by Him for His service. Thus we do not hanker for the things of this world. Furthermore, if something is taken away by Krishna, then what is the need for lamentation? We should think, “Krishna wanted to take it away from me. Therefore, why should I lament? The Supreme Lord is the cause of all causes. He takes away, He also gives.” When one is thus in full knowledge, there is no more lamentation and no more hankering. That is the spiritual platform. This is the best education, by which you become anxiety-less. That is perfection of education.

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