Guru is not for fashion

Go to guru, to surrender. Surrender means that one will accept whatever the guru says. It is not that one thinks, “I do not care for my guru’s order. Still I am a disciple.” That is not actually accepting a guru.

Just like Arjuna surrendered to Krishna. You must find out guru where you can surrender. Not that you keep guru your order supplier, “Give me some ashirvad and I may be benefited.” He is not guru; he is your order supplier, your servant. Guru means he must order, “You must do this.” If we agree, then he is a guru. Not that “I shall order my guru, and he will execute my order.” that the dog will do, not the guru. You ask your dog, “Sit down here,” a dog will sit. That kind of guru keeping has no value.

We shouldn’t go to a guru simply because a guru may be fashionable at the moment. Just as you sometimes keep a dog as a fashion, if you want to keep a guru as a fashion—”I have a guru”—that will not help. You must accept a guru who can extinguish the blazing fire of anxiety within your heart. Everyone in the material life, in all species and varieties of life, is full of anxieties. So if you want to be anxiety-less, then you must take shelter of the guru, the spiritual master. And the test of the guru is that by following his instructions you’ll be free from anxiety.

However, a guru is not a person who simply manufactures gold or juggles words just to attract foolish people and make money. An actual guru is one who is fully trained in the ocean of spiritual knowledge.

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