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Everybody follows somebody

Everywhere there must be, one chief man. Either you are a political party or social party or religious party or Communist party. Just like Communist party, they have got their chief men. Lenin, Stalin. I asked this question from Professor Kotovsky, “Where is the difference of philosophy between your Communist philosophy and our Krishna consciousness philosophy? You have to accept one chief man, that Lenin or Stalin, and we have also selected one chief man, or God, Krishna.

So you are following the dictates of Lenin or Stalin or Molotov or this or that. We are following the philosophy or the instruction of Krishna. So on principle, where is the difference? There is no difference.” You cannot conduct your daily affairs without being dictated by somebody else. So that is the law of nature. Then why don’t you accept the supreme authority? It is not possible that we can live without leadership. Is there any party, is there any school, or is there any institution that they’re conducting without any chief leader or director?

No. The principle is there, that you have to accept one chief. We have to accept the servitorship or to become underhand of some person. So the intelligence is that “Whom we have to accept?” There lies intelligence: “What kind of leader we shall accept?” So our principle is that Krishna should be accepted as the leader because Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, “There is no more superior person or superior position than Me.”; and “God” means that. In the dictionary “God” means the Supreme Being. Supreme Being means nobody is greater than Him; nobody is equal to Him.

Something of the past

Anytime you are fixated, immobilized, absorbed in, or even overly concerned with something that is over – whether it happened this morning or ten years ago – constitutes reverse gear.

The reason people find it so difficult to get out of reverse gear is that they can so easily justify being there. In other words, they argue for their “right” to be in reverse by saying things like, “But he did sabotage the deal,” or “She did criticize me in public.” People will use the fact that events actually took place as evidence to support their anger and frustration. What they usually fail to see, however, is that right now, in this moment, the event they are frustrated about is over. The only factor keeping it alive is their memory, their own thinking.

Obviously, it’s important to learn from our past, from our mistakes. I can assure you; however, that being in reverse gear will not help you do so. To learn from our past experiences, it’s helpful to gently reflect on the way we have done things. Reverse gear isn’t gentle. In fact, it’s harsh.    The way out of reverse is to notice how it feels to be in reverse.

If you can observe yourself – your mind, your thoughts, your attention – focused on past events, or past frustrations, you can gently bring your attention back to the present. Training your mind to stay out of reverse can be a little like training a puppy to stay at your side. The puppy will stay for a minute, and then dart away. Your mind is like that, too. It can stay focused for a minute or two, then dart backward to an annoyance from this morning or a frustration from yesterday. The most effective way to train your puppy is to gently lead him back to your side. The same approach works with your mind as well. As you notice your thoughts drifting backward, remind yourself that the past is over and done with. Then, gently and easily, guide yourself back to the here and now. All it takes is a little patience and some practice. Pretty soon, your tendency to be in reverse gear will be a part of your past.

10th exam suddenly postponed due to leakage of question papers

What magic we can show to God?

An atheist may argue that, “Why you are thinking of God? God is no more expert than a watchmaker. This body is just like a clock. You wind it and it will go on.” but of course God is greater because He can create machines in duplicate male and female forms. Here a clock machine is there. It can produce other clock. But your clock cannot do that. That is the difference. The male and female forms of different types of machineries go on producing innumerable similar machines without God’s further attention. If a man could manufacture such a set of machines that could produce other machines without his attention, then he could approach the intelligence of God. But that is not possible, for each machine has to be handled individually. Here God-made machine is so nice and perfect that He creates one male and one female, and unlimited machine is coming out. Therefore, no one can create as well as God. Another name for God is asamaurdhva, which means that no one is equal to or greater than Him. And they are trying to manufacture another machine in the laboratory, in the test tube. What is the credit there? Millions of machine are coming out without your test tube. The scientist is very proud for inventing this flying machine. But just see millions and trillions of flying machines are flying in the sky created by God—without any machine. So you cannot surpass the intelligence and energy of God. People are after magical things. What magic we can show to God? They are trying to manufacture another machine in the laboratory, in the test tube. What is the credit there? Millions of machines are coming out without your test tube. Lord is the greatest mystic, Yogeshvara.


The spirit of Bhagavad-gita

The spirit of Bhagavad-gita is mentioned in Bhagavad-gita itself. It is just like this: If we want to take a particular medicine, then we have to follow the directions written on the label. We cannot take the medicine according to our own whim or the direction of a friend. It must be taken according to the directions on the label or the directions given by a physician.

Similarly, Bhagavad-gita should be accepted as it is directed by the speaker, Lord Sri Krishna, Himself. If we want to derive benefit out of the Bhagavad-gita, then we have to follow some rules and regulations, otherwise, how can we understand? It is not an ordinary book of knowledge that you purchase from the market, and read it and consult dictionary, and you understand. Otherwise, Krishna would not have told to Arjuna, “The Bhagavad-gita is now lost. I am therefore speaking to you.” Why? “Because you are My devotee.” So one has to become a devotee like Arjuna and must be ready to understand the Bhagavad-gita as Arjuna understood. Then the spirit of Bhagavad-gita can be understood.

Those who are envious of Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead have no bona fide access to the great literature. The non-devotee’s approach to the teachings of the Gita is something like that of a bee licking on a bottle of honey. One cannot have a taste of honey unless one opens the bottle. Similarly, the mysticism of the Bhagavad-gita can be understood only by devotees, and no one else can taste it. One who has a little faith in Bhagavad-gita should learn from a devotee, because no one else can perfectly understand it’s purpose. When one searches for a devotee and fortunately gets a devotee’s association one actually begins to study and understand Bhagavad-gita.