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Integrated Sewerage System under JNNURM

Under Urban Infrastructure & Governance (UIG) Sub-Mission of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission(JNNURM) an Integrated Sewerage project has been approved for the Mission city of Bhubaneswar with approved cost of Rs.49891.35 lakhs and Additional Central Assistance (ACA) commitment of Rs.39913.08 lakhs.

Under Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) of JNNURM a Sewerage project has been approved for the city of Sambalpur with approved cost of Rs.593.23 lakhs and Additional Central Assistance (ACA) commitment of Rs.483.48 lakhs.

The Mission has completed its normal tenure on 31st March, 2012. The Government has extended the period for further 2 years till March 31, 2014 only for completion of projects sanctioned upto 31st March, 2012 and ongoing reforms. This does not envisages sanction of any fresh project.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Urban Development Shri Saugata Roy in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

NGO welcomes Odisha government’s decision over policy for coal-based thermal power plants

Odisha-based NGO WIO welcomes state government’s decision to have a comprehensive policy for coal-based thermal power plants.

“We have just come across the news that the Government of Odisha is planning to formulate a comprehensive policy for coal-fired thermal power plants and captive power plants. Water Initiatives Odisha (WIO) welcomes such a move as this is very timely”, says Ranjan Panda, its Convenor.

The policy, as media reports, focuses on state’s share of free power from the plants. The real issue is however far more serious. Power plant’s impacts on water and environment should form the basis of a new power policy.

He said that WIO believe that the state’s ecology will not be able to sustain the huge power the state government wants to generate. Especially because power plants use enormous amount of water, pollute sources and lead to air pollution. These impact the local communities and their livelihoods.

The Rivers and other water sources of the state are already stressed. Further, we don’t have any concrete information on the number of plants and the total generation capacity of the state.

Various government data have different estimates. Based on the ‘Draft Climate Change Action Plan’, we believe that the state is planning to generate about 58000 MW of power, mostly from coal-fired plants. For this the state has to make provision for 2297 million cubic meter of water per year at the minimum. This is enough to meet the domestic water requirement (calculated at the lowest of requirements) of close to 210 million people! There are other grave environmental dangers of coal-fired power plants including the problem of fly ash disposal and radiation.

“We at WIO therefore urge upon the state government to immediately release a ‘detailed status report’ on the existing and proposed coal-fired power plants including IPPs, CPPs and UMPPs detailing their current technology and generation status and the water used and polluted by them”, urges Panda.

“We also demand that ecological concerns and not power sharing arrangements should be the prime factor that should govern this policy which must look into the carrying capacity of the ecology of the state and have a vision for power generation. There must be a restriction on the number of power plants and the amount of power generated, and a solid monitoring at place for punishing the polluters”, said Panda.

“The government must chalk out a vision for power sector that takes into account the present and future of the state’s demand and ecological concerns. It must not go for excessive generation of power simply because there is investment and coal available. This will spell disaster for the state,” said Panda.

Panda said that, “We have observed that important policy matters in the state are not being taken to the common people for proper and thorough discussion. The precedence must be broken now for making any policy people-oriented and beneficial for the state and its ecology.” “We therefore urge upon the state government to draft the thermal power plant policy and discuss it with the people of the state giving them ample time and scope for participation”, demands Panda.

Sanskrit teacher held for trafficking schoolgirl

A Sanskrit teacher of Tangarmunda School in Bamra block was arrested on Sunday night for allegedly trafficking two girls of the school. The teacher has been identified as Smruti Rekha Sasmal.

The girls were rescued from a house in Siddha Mahabir area in Puri. Husband of the teacher, Narayan, is being interrogated.

Sambalpur Collector Mrinalini Darswal has placed the teacher under suspension and further investigation is on.

The Collector had received a written complaint in this regard on Friday.

Following an inquiry, it was found that a girl student of Class IX, a resident of Kisanpada in Tangarmunda village, and another Class X student from Sikhipani

village in Sundargarh district, were absent even though they were reflected in the attendance register as? present.

Attack on Sambalpur Collector, Government shocked

Attack on Sambalpur Collector, Government shockedAn untoward incident occurred in the Major City of Western Odisha when the lawyers of Sambalpur Bar Association attacked on District Collector Mrinalini Jaiswal with sleepers, boots & by stones. The Odisha state government has came into shock from this news of the attack on District Collector Dr. Mrinalini Jaiswal by the lawyers of Sambalpur .

By taking the issue of increasing in land registration fees with this the WESCO (Western Electricity Supply Company) matter, the lawyers attacked on Sambalpur DM with this ransacked by entering the residential premises of DM & Collector office. After police intervention the DM saved her life any kind. Before this the lawyers went to Sub-registry office by taking the same issue of controversy and even sabotage there. After this incident a large number of police personnel have been the deployment in the area. In this case both sides have been written complaint at the police station & counter-charges regime has also begun.

The incident occurred as, when the members of Sambalpur Bar Association first arrived in the registry office. There they wanted to know the cause of price increased in the land registration from registrar Srikant Beura .Here the lawyers started to raise a ruckus while not getting a proper reply & after this they sabotage the Sub-Registry Office & attempt was made to beat the registrar. This incident’s information has been given by registrar to DM on the phone .From this place the lawyers get on a bus to Siege the office of WESCO against power cuts .At the same time DM Mrinalini came to the spot & get direct into bus. The DM Mrinalini said the lawyers not to siege the WESCO Office. She also said that this will worsen the law –system. Followed by debate began among lawyers and the DM & the case has worsened .After this lawyers started losing temper & sabotage DM House & office.

According to Sambalpur DM Dr.Mrinalini Jaiswal “Ask the reason for the sabotage in Registrar’s office & not to go WESCO office ,the Lawyer Association’s member threw sleepers, boots & stones on her with this they used verbal abuse & done misbehaved with me .The members of Lawyer Association also have done demolition on Government house. Between the police protection she could get out safely. I will take this case to higher officials of the Department”

Swagatika shines, Jajpur beats Bargarh in Women’s cricket

The all-round performance of Swagatika Rath powered Jajpur team to beat Bargarh by a massive 290 runs in the Inter-Districts Senior Cricket Tournament at Nimpur Ground in Cuttack on Tuesday.

Batting first, Rath scored 55 runs and well supported by Rupashree Lenka nad Jyoti Kamal who contributed 65 and 50 runs respectively and Jajpur total reached 327 runs in 35.2 overs. In reply, Rath bagged six wickets, restricted Bargarh innings in only 37 runs in 12.3 overs.

Similarly, Nandini Chandan of Kalahandi scalped six wickets and the team beat Nabarangpur by eight wickets at SCB Medical College ground. In other matches of the day at different grounds in Cuttack, Balasore, Dhenkanal and Cuttack defeated Jagatsinghpur , Sambalpur and Puri by 10 wickets respectively in their respective matches.

Match results: At Ravenshaw University Ground-II: Jagatsinghpur 34/10 in 13.1 overs (Tilattama Sahu 4/3, Padmabati Sahu 2/7, Sumita Singh 2/9) lost to Balasore 35/0 in 4.2 overs (Tilattama Sahu 19) by 10 wickets. At Nimpur Ground: Jajpur 327/10 in 35.2 overs (Rupashree Lenka 65, Swagatika Rath 55, Jyoti Kamal 50, Sumitra Sahu 36; Lupi Dehuri 3/31, Louisa Das 3/79, Manasi Sahu 2/44) beat Bargarh 37/10 in 14.4 overs (Swagatika Rath 6/20) by 290 runs.

At Bidanasi Ground: Sambalpur 83/10 in 36.2 overs (Kalyani Nayak 4/12, Tikilata Pradhan 3/3) lost to Dhenkanal 84/0 in 12.3 overs (Kadambini Mahakud 42n.o; Shrabani Srichandan Ray 28 n.o;) by 10 wickets.

At SCB Medical Ground: Nabarangpur 66/10 in 18.5 overs (Nandini Chandan 6/28, Barsa Kumbhar 2/16) lost to Kalahandi 67/2 in 20.4 overs (Dipti Kumari Hans 15 n.o;) by 8 wickets. At Ravenshaw Ground-I: Puri 33/10 in 18.2 overs (Madhusmita Behera 4/1, Moumita Ghose 3/3) lost to Cuttack 34/0 in 5.5 overs, by 10 wickets. .