Attack on Sambalpur Collector, Government shocked

Attack on Sambalpur Collector, Government shockedAn untoward incident occurred in the Major City of Western Odisha when the lawyers of Sambalpur Bar Association attacked on District Collector Mrinalini Jaiswal with sleepers, boots & by stones. The Odisha state government has came into shock from this news of the attack on District Collector Dr. Mrinalini Jaiswal by the lawyers of Sambalpur .

By taking the issue of increasing in land registration fees with this the WESCO (Western Electricity Supply Company) matter, the lawyers attacked on Sambalpur DM with this ransacked by entering the residential premises of DM & Collector office. After police intervention the DM saved her life any kind. Before this the lawyers went to Sub-registry office by taking the same issue of controversy and even sabotage there. After this incident a large number of police personnel have been the deployment in the area. In this case both sides have been written complaint at the police station & counter-charges regime has also begun.

The incident occurred as, when the members of Sambalpur Bar Association first arrived in the registry office. There they wanted to know the cause of price increased in the land registration from registrar Srikant Beura .Here the lawyers started to raise a ruckus while not getting a proper reply & after this they sabotage the Sub-Registry Office & attempt was made to beat the registrar. This incident’s information has been given by registrar to DM on the phone .From this place the lawyers get on a bus to Siege the office of WESCO against power cuts .At the same time DM Mrinalini came to the spot & get direct into bus. The DM Mrinalini said the lawyers not to siege the WESCO Office. She also said that this will worsen the law –system. Followed by debate began among lawyers and the DM & the case has worsened .After this lawyers started losing temper & sabotage DM House & office.

According to Sambalpur DM Dr.Mrinalini Jaiswal “Ask the reason for the sabotage in Registrar’s office & not to go WESCO office ,the Lawyer Association’s member threw sleepers, boots & stones on her with this they used verbal abuse & done misbehaved with me .The members of Lawyer Association also have done demolition on Government house. Between the police protection she could get out safely. I will take this case to higher officials of the Department”

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