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Council for Higher Secondary Education scanner on high scores in Plus II

The Council for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) has directed supervisors of  Plus II examiners to segregate answer-books awarded 90 per cent marks or above.
“I am directed to request you to make subject-wise packets of all answer books where 90 per cent or more marks have been awarded. These packets may be handed over to officers authorized by the controller to receive marks foils,” read a letter from  CHSE controller of examinations Jasobanta Behera. The letter reached valuation zone supervisors on Wednesday.
Unhappy over the directive, examiners said this may deprive deserving students of securing high marks. “Now, many teachers would be wary of coming under the government scanner by awarding 90 per cent or above marks,” said an examiner in Sambalpur on condition of anonymity.
“Though the CHSE letter does not mention anything about revaluation of the answer sheets, we are not sure about the council’s intention,” said a senior official of the zonal valuation centre in Bhubaneswar, adding, it was natural that teachers would want to play safe by awarding less than 90 per cent.
Valuation of Plus II answer sheets is underway in 46 valuation zones since April 4. Around 5,000 examiners are evaluating the scripts amid tight security. Though the last date of valuation was scheduled to be April 24, council sources said it would spill over by another week as many examiners skipped their duty under different pretext.
Sources said the  higher education department took the step to keep a check on self-financed colleges from influencing examiners. In 2011, many of the top 10 positions in Plus II science stream went to students of two comparatively new self-financed colleges. “Those were new colleges and the pool of students taking admissions there were not very exceptional, but the results far exceeded expectations,” a higher education department officer said. The government had learnt from reliable sources that some colleges had been trying to influence examiners to be liberal in awarding marks to their students, the officer added.
Meanwhile, a section of self-financed colleges have welcomed the move. “It is good step because it will bring more accountability. All self-financed colleges should not be put in the same bracket because some of us are tirelessly trying to achieve the best results possible by proper teaching,” said  R N Panda, principal of Institute of Higher Secondary Education, a self-financed college in Bhubaneswar.
Of the over 1200 Plus II colleges, 197 are self-financed, including 55 in Bhubaneswar, the highest in the state, 12 each in Cuttack and Berhampur and 20 in Sambalpur zone, among others. Many of them are charging exorbitantly from students by promising good ranks.
CHSE authorities said the council’s move was meant to ensure better transparency, and was not specifically directed at self-financed colleges. “Most of the post-publication controversies concern results of those securing 90 per cent and above. If their answer-sheets are sorted out separately, we can quickly refer to them. That is the logic behind the move,” said the CHSE controller of examinations.
Allaying examiners’ ‘recheck’ fears, Behera said many high scoring students ask for re-addition because a single mark becomes important in securing top positions. “We want to sort out such answer papers in advance so that such re-additions can be done quickly,” Behera said and requested examiners not to anticipate anything adverse on them.

Railway job for footballer

The  East Coast Railway has offered a job to national woman footballer  Jhili Munda, boosting her financial prospects. “The job will not only end my financial difficulties but also help me to play more and more  football matches in both national and international levels,” said Jhili, who used to roll bidis to support her family.
The 20-year-old resident of Dhuturapara in  Sambalpur town comes from a family of footballers. Her grandfather and father were popular players and participated in several matches to win laurels for Sambalpur. It was they who encouraged Jhili to play football from an early age.
Jhili first came to the notice of football aficionados in 2005 when she scored 13 goals against Manipur in an under-17 girls’ tournament in Chandigarh. “I was happy to see the overwhelming response from football lovers when I helped the Odisha team to win the gold medal in the tournament,” she said. In 2007, the budding player scored nine goals against  Tamil Nadu in an under-19 tournament. She was also instrumental in Odisha’s win in two national games in  Assam and Jamshedpur in 2009 and 2011. She also represented the country and played an international under-19 match in Kualalumpur ( Malaysia) in 2008 and again a friendly match with  Bangladesh in Dhaka.
But despite her bright career, she could not shake off her abject poverty.
“I am thankful to the railways for selecting her. It will definitely provide her strength to build up her career in football,” said Jhili’s coach Gangadhar Behera.

Everybody follows somebody

Everywhere there must be, one chief man. Either you are a political party or social party or religious party or Communist party. Just like Communist party, they have got their chief men. Lenin, Stalin. I asked this question from Professor Kotovsky, “Where is the difference of philosophy between your Communist philosophy and our Krishna consciousness philosophy? You have to accept one chief man, that Lenin or Stalin, and we have also selected one chief man, or God, Krishna.

So you are following the dictates of Lenin or Stalin or Molotov or this or that. We are following the philosophy or the instruction of Krishna. So on principle, where is the difference? There is no difference.” You cannot conduct your daily affairs without being dictated by somebody else. So that is the law of nature. Then why don’t you accept the supreme authority? It is not possible that we can live without leadership. Is there any party, is there any school, or is there any institution that they’re conducting without any chief leader or director?

No. The principle is there, that you have to accept one chief. We have to accept the servitorship or to become underhand of some person. So the intelligence is that “Whom we have to accept?” There lies intelligence: “What kind of leader we shall accept?” So our principle is that Krishna should be accepted as the leader because Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, “There is no more superior person or superior position than Me.”; and “God” means that. In the dictionary “God” means the Supreme Being. Supreme Being means nobody is greater than Him; nobody is equal to Him.

Twelve Inter-state dacoits arrested in Sambalpur dist

Twelve members of an inter-state dacoit gang involved in robbery of aluminium from trucks on highways in Odisha were arrested and materials and cash seized from them, police said today.

Acting on complaints about hijacking of several aluminium laden trucks at various police stations in Sambalpur and adjoining districts, police swung into action and nabbed one Feroz Khan alias Kulu and his father Ghulam Hussain Khan here, claimed to be kingpin of the racket.

On the basis of information given by them, police raided a godown at Kulanga under Kutra police station of Sundargarh district, arrested its owner Dhanbir Roy and seized 15.32 tons of aluminium valued Rs 25 lakh, Superintendent of Police, Sambalpur, Nikhil Kanodia said.

An amount of Rs 55,000 also seized from Ghulam which he had received from Dhanbir towards delivery charge, he said.

Besides Feroz, Ghulam and Dhanbir, 9 others were also arrested.