Daily Archives: April 14, 2012

Council for Higher Secondary Education scanner on high scores in Plus II

The Council for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) has directed supervisors of  Plus II examiners to segregate answer-books awarded 90 per cent marks or above. “I am directed to request you to make subject-wise packets of all answer books where 90 per cent or more marks have been awarded. These packets may be handed over to

Railway job for footballer

The  East Coast Railway has offered a job to national woman footballer  Jhili Munda, boosting her financial prospects. “The job will not only end my financial difficulties but also help me to play more and more  football matches in both national and international levels,” said Jhili, who used to roll bidis to support her family.

Everybody follows somebody

Everywhere there must be, one chief man. Either you are a political party or social party or religious party or Communist party. Just like Communist party, they have got their chief men. Lenin, Stalin. I asked this question from Professor Kotovsky, “Where is the difference of philosophy between your Communist philosophy and our Krishna consciousness

Twelve Inter-state dacoits arrested in Sambalpur dist

Twelve members of an inter-state dacoit gang involved in robbery of aluminium from trucks on highways in Odisha were arrested and materials and cash seized from them, police said today. Acting on complaints about hijacking of several aluminium laden trucks at various police stations in Sambalpur and adjoining districts, police swung into action and nabbed