Donation of body after death – Sadananda Nath

Shri Sadananda Nath, aged 74, was a resident of Sindurapank, Sambalpur Sadar police station. After his death today, his mortal body and vital organs were donated with the help of the UTHSARG scheme, as he wished. 

Newborn baby dies due to medical negligence in VIMSAR

Newborn baby dies due to medical negligence in VIMSAR. Complaints were made by family members, who were agitated at the hospital premises.

Jaya Kishore Pradhan

Retired deputy manager Jaya Kishore Pradhan to be a MBBS doctor

An old man has taken admission in the MBBS course this year at VIMSAR Burla. Jaya Kishore Pradhan is a retired SBI deputy manager. He is from  Attabira village in Bargarh district. He proved time never be a bar for education if you have a strong will. 

British returnee in Sambalpur

British returnee in Sambalpur

The whole world is now in a state of panic over the death toll in the new wave of coronation in the UK. Meanwhile, the news of the arrival of a British returnee in the town of Sambalpur has sparked fears of cockroaches among the people.