Papakshya Ghat in Binika

Papakshya Ghat is at the bank of Mahanadi River in Binika, Sonepur district It turns out that many people come to the Ghat for a holy bath in the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse to atone for their sins.

Police seized Ganja worth Rs. 50 Lakh

On suspecting a pick up van near the Dangarbheja police outpost, police started a thorough search. Nabarangapur police seized the Ganja.

GM Students exploring Asurgarh in Barpali

In the last few days of excavation, the team has recovered some ancient bricks, pottery, ceramics and fragmented coins. During the excavation trial they will be able to find out more about the culture, customs and the inhabitants besides determine the age of the structure.

Police Seized Red Banner in Bargarh District

On Thursday, police seized a red banner from Bhuliabandha village near in Paikmal. Once again, Maoists have showed their presence in Bargarh district. The banner was found on a tree. It is said to be that the banner came from the Left-wing extremists.

We found Kuladevi as a daughter, Girish Patel

Girish Patel and his wife will be the parents of Kuladevi Goddess Parvati in this famous ShitalSasthhi.

High security registration plates on old vehicles: Odisha STA issues guidelines

In case the vehicle is not affixed with HSRP within the scheduled date mentioned above, e-challan shall be issued against the offending vehicle and attract fine of Rs. 5000 or Rs 10.000 under Section 192 of M.V. Act. 1988 as the case may be, the notification added.

Planning of new Economic Corridor in Western Odisha

a review meeting on Monday, about the planning of new Economic Corridor in Western Odisha was chaired by Asit Tripathy.

Bus overturned in Kalinga valley, killing six Bengali tourists

Bus overturned in Kalinga valley, killing six Bengali tourists

Bus overturned in Kalinga valley, killing six Bengali tourists. Late last night, a chest-thumping bus crash in the Kalinga Valley, which has gained fame as a death zone, caused a stir in Odisha and West Bengal.

Letter to Prime Minister, for the Rescue of Mahanadi River

Today, Mahanadi Preservation Movement has written a letter to the chief minister of Odisha and Chhattisgarh. And also a letter to Prime Minister of India. Describing the rescue of Mahanadi River.

Couple killed in road mishap in Barpali

A couple was killed in a road mishap on Monday morning near Sarandapali village of Barpali Block in Bargarh district. Following the incident, police detained the driver of the car.