Donation of body after death – Sadananda Nath

Shri Sadananda Nath, aged 74, was a resident of Sindurapank, Sambalpur Sadar police station. After his death today, his mortal body and vital organs were donated with the help of the UTHSARG scheme, as he wished.

An ophthalmologist arrived at his residence to collect his eye. His body was then handed over to the VIMSAR Anatomy Department. Former medical staff and volunteers Rajni Nag and Burla VIMSAR’s anatomy department staff assisted in the process of transferring the physical body.

As it is noted that, Mr. Nath signed a voluntary donation of his body after death on Dt. 06.07.2018.

Revealed mourning in the region after the death of Mr. Nath. He was a sweet talker and a matchmaker also.

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