Mahanadi River

Letter to Prime Minister, for the Rescue of Mahanadi River

Today, Mahanadi Preservation Movement has written a letter to the chief minister of Odisha and Chhattisgarh. And also a letter to Prime Minister of India. Describing the rescue of Mahanadi River.

Polluted Mahanadi raises health risk

Considered lifeline of Sambalpur town with at least 50,000 people depending on it, pollution is finally taking its toll on river Mahanadi. With 86 per cent of the catchments and major tributaries of the river upstream located in industrial towns in the neighbouring States of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh, the water carries considerable pollution load

Wild life adventures in Mahanadi

As part of promotion of adventure sports, tourism and developing self confidence among the rustic youth, especially girls, as many as 24 trainees, including nine girls, have embarked on an expedition under the guidance of the National Adventure Foundation director in the Mahanadi. The voyage was kicked off on August 2 at Sambalpur, which will