Letter to Prime Minister, for the Rescue of Mahanadi River

Today, Mahanadi Preservation Movement has written a letter to the chief minister of Odisha and Chhattisgarh. And also a letter to Prime Minister of India. Describing the rescue of Mahanadi River.

The waterman Sri Rajendra Singh is the leader of Mahanadi Preservation Movement. Recently, the waterman Dr. Rajendra Singh and Sudarshan Das traveled to Kalma barrage from Cuttack. And they found that Mahanadi water totally stop in Kalma barrage and not releasing towards Odisha. He said, it is totally illegal and unfortunate.

The natural flow needs of each river have been emphasized nationally and internationally. That is why the law stipulates that the minimum water flow of a river should be kept intact during any river development project. It has been disregarded for the protection of the river’s ecological and biodiversity.

On the other hand, Prasanna Bishoy, spokesperson of the Mahanadi Preservation Movement, said in a press release that tomorrow, they would go on strike for a day at Sukhsoda, the river’s entrance, and the confluence of the seas at Paradip’s Chumuhani.


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