Kalam urges students to set their goal

Kalam urges students to set their goal

The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise... Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers, Kalam said at the 150th anniversary function of Chandrasekhar Behera Zila School here.

Samleswari Mandir

Samleswari Mandir

Samaleswari Temple is a Hindu temple in Sambalpur, Western Orissa, India dedicated to the goddess known as MAA, also known among the natives as samalei maa, meaning Mother Samaleswari.

Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River, about 15 km from Sambalpur.

Karma Naach: Sambalpuri Folk Dance

Karma Naach: Sambalpuri Folk Dance

This pastoral Sambalpuri folk dance is performed during the worship of the god or goddess of fate



This is one of the small but beautiful waterfalls of Sambalpur district, Orissa. It sprinkles out from the Gudguda mountain

Though Dusserah is the occasion of Dalkhai the most popular folk-dance of western Orissa, its performance is very common on all other festivals such as Bhaijauntia, Phangun Puni, Nuakhai etc.

The Leaning temple of Huma located about 25 km from Sambalpur. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a well-known structure the world over.


Goods train derails near Sambalpur city station

Restoration of derailed carriage near Sambalpur city stationOne carriage of the goods train derails having coal near Sambalpur city station, may be that was the 3rd one from the engine

The 3rd carriage from the engine of a goods train derails near Sambalpur city station on Saturday. The incident happen on Sambalpur – Jharsuguda rail line and it is same line of Talcher and Bilaspur rail line, as the train is coming from Talcher to its destination Bilaspur.

Because of this indecent, many trains going through this route got  delay including the Rajdhani Express, as they were diverted through. After getting the news, a team from Sambalpur Railway division visited the place and started the restoration of the carriage to the rail line.

Infrastructure development of Maa Samaleswari Mandir, Sambalpur

As CM announced for the development of Maa Samaleswari Mandir infrastructure in Sambalpur, in his last visit in 21st January 2020. A three member of government team arrived at the temple on Thursday.

They inspect and assess the proposed infrastructure development of the shrine. The team interacted with the local people for the development and submit the report to the State Government.

Lyricist of “Rangabati” got Padma Shree Awards

The evergreen all time favorite ‘Rangabati’ song has gained the rare recognition of having two Padma Shri awardees for a single work of art.

Shree Mitrabhanu Gauntia, the lyricist of “Rangabati” song got Padma Shree Award. This is the second Padma Shree Award accolade for the all time favorite sambalpuri song “Rangabati“.

Beside this Gauntia received several award from many institutions like Odisha State Sangeet Natak Academy Award and Akashvani National Award for music. Gountia was also honoured by Sambalpur University for his creations.

After the singer Shree Jitendra Haripal was conferred the honour of Padma Shree Award  in 2017, its lyricist 77-year-old Mitrabhanu Gountia has been selected for the award this year.

Rangabati’ was recorded for All India Radio (AIR), Sambalpur’s Surmalika programme in 1975-76. It was later re-recorded in disc format at Indian Record Company, Kolkata in 1978-79. The popularity of ‘Rangabati’ can be gauged from the fact Gountia’s village Bilung was renamed as ‘Rangabati Bilung’ by the Revenue department in 2017.

Reacting to the news of being selected for the fourth highest civilian honour of the country, Gountia said Rangabati gave him name and fame. He said Doordarshan, Sambalpur had produced a documentary of one hour duration on the song. Dedicating the award to lovers of Sambalpuri Art and Culture, the retired teacher said is a recognition of his dedication to the art.

Born in 1942, Gountia started writing at the age of 15 only when he was studying in Class IX. His creations of initial days include ‘Masa Odasa Kali’ and ‘Parikhya Chinta’. An ardent lover of nature, Gountia, through his songs and plays, has been sending out messages to save the forest, check deforestation, pollution, education, literacy, etc. Some of his creations include Malli, Lalita, Mohini, Kaeri, Draupadi Haran, Jharbania, Haelu, Pakhal Khuri Thi Mahara, Rakshya Kabacha, Gaon Amar Maa and Jhee Ratan.

Shree Jitendra Haripal said he was glad that another member of the Rangabati team has been selected for the honour. “The award will encourage those who are working in the field of folk art and culture,” he said. On the present trend of Sambalpuri song and music, he said there is no dearth of talent. However, the songs of the present era are getting short-term popularity.

Short circuit burned everything of a house in Sambalpur

On 20th Jan Monday evening around 6 o clock,  a short circuit burned all items of a house hold in Dhuba Pada, Bada bazar, Sambalpur. The fire was controlled by the fire brigade people, as they came after knowing about the fire in Bada bazar. The area is under Khetrajpur police limit.


The owner of the house is Shiv Patnaik. Two rooms and its all item are burned along with Rs.40,000 cash according to him, the owner of the house.

It is believed that all items was purchased for the upcoming marriage of his doughtier.

Truck Runs Amok in Parmanpur, 4 people died

In the early morning a truck ran over a makeshift shop in Parmanpur, Sason. In this accident, 4 people are killed, and another 4 got injure. Actually 3 of them are died on the spot only and one died on the way to the Burla Hospital --Veer Surendra Sai Institute Of Medical Science And Research (VIMSAR).

The temporary shop was set up for the Dhanu Yatra festival which held at Parmanpur, Sason in Sambalpur. The another four people are in critical and under treatment. The deceased have been identified as Md Sayat, MD Teyat, MD Danish and Waqar Alam.

Prima facie evidence suggests that three of the four deceased are of a family. The truck has been seized and a probe is underway.