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Nineteen inspectors shunted in state

As many as 19 inspectors of different police stations in Odisha were transferred on Thursday. The transferred officers included seven inspectors of the twin city (Bhubaneswar-Cuttack) police commissionerate.

The cops transferred from Bhubaneswar are Tapan Mohanty (Khandagiri police station), Priyaranjan Satapathy (Mancheswar police station), Satyajit Mishra (Kharavela Nagar police station) and Bijay Kumar Sethi (Balipatna police station), sources said.

Ashutosh Mishra (Cantonment police station), N Padhi (Choudwar police station) and Sunil Nanda (Jagatpur police station) were transferred in Cuttack.

The newly inducted inspectors in twin city police commissionerate are Amulya Kumar Dhar from Puri, Sanjiv Satpathy (Sambalpur), Rajendra Senapati (crime branch), Sarat Sahoo (Koraput), R N Barik (Kandhamal), Bharat Sahoo (Keonjhar) and Manoj Samant (crime branch), official sources said. Sources said another major reshuffle is also in the offing in other police stations of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

Vedanta Aluminium Commemorates Kargil Vijaya Diwas By Record Blood Donation

Vedanta employees at Jharsuguda paid a quite but strong tribute to the fallen heroes of Kargil on the occasion of Kargil Vijaya Diwas. A Record number 272 units of Blood Collected voluntarily by the employees of VAL and Donated to the Red Cross Society of Jharsuguda and Sambalpur.

On this occasion Inaugurating the event today held at VAL,FAC II District Magistrate and collector Mr. Guru Prasad Mishra wished that more and more such initiatives should be taken up by responsible corporates and appreciated the efforts. Present during the occasion Vedanta’s COO Mr. Abhijit Pati reassured that we are committed to our people around us and repeated the message to all that “Gift of Blood is gift of Life” and thanked employees for creating a record and history by supressing the previous record of 175 units of Blood of the Dist.

Shri Abhijit Pati Chief Operating Officer, VAL Jharsuguda took the lead along with Mr Gattu Rambhav, Mr Dayanidhi Behera, Mr Umesh Meheta,Mr K A Chowdary and other Sr. Members of family leads from the front  inspired others employee  to donate their blood.

This camp would not have been possible without all the help of District Red Cross Society Sambalpur and Jharsuguda and the keenness of Dr S Mishra Blood Bank Officer SBP, Dr S. JoJo Blood Bank Officer and Mr. Sashi Bhusan Naik, Mr. Bhagban Nayak (Technicians) and Other Support staff.

A large Numbers of Volunteers across the Department participated with a great enthusiasm to make this event a successful.

Odisha CM demands to set up new passport seva kendras in Sambalpur and Berhampur

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik urges Union External Affairs Minister SM Krishna to set up new Passport Seva Kendras in Sambalpur and Berhampur. Patnaik said this in a letter to Union External Affairs Minister SM Krishna.

Patnaik said that, “With the expansion of opportunities for mobility across borders for education, tourism and business, there is steady and substantial increase in the demand for passport services. Currently, there is only one Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in Odisha located in the State Capital at Bhubaneswar which is serving all the 30 districts which are geographically dispersed. As a result, citizens of the districts located in Western and Southern Odisha are facing difficulty in obtaining passports.”

He further added that, “The average distance of the 10 districts located in the Western part of the State is 312 kms from  Bhubaneswar and as many as 9011 applications for passport were received in the year 2011 from these districts. Similarly, the average distance of the 8 districts located in the southern part of Odisha is 367 kms from Bhubaneswar and a total number of 7578 citizens from these districts applied for passports in the year 2011.”

Patnaik said that, “Keeping in view the geographical distance of these districts from Bhubaneswar as well as the numberiof citizens applying for passports, I would request you to take immediate action for setting up two Regional Passport Seva Kendras at Sambalpur (which will serve the districts in the western Odisha) and Berhampur (which will serve the districts of southern Odisha). In case these two PSKs are established, the average distance of the districts located in the western region to the PSK (proposed at Sambalpur) will be reduced from 312 km to 116 km. Similarly, the average distance of the districts located in the Southern region to the PSK (proposed at Berhampur) will be reduced from 367 km to 178 km. Establishment of these two additional Passport Seva Kendras in the State would, thus, help the citizens applying for passports in no small measure.”

Rajesh Khanna fan performs shraddh

Indian Railways employee Sebaram Bagh has neither met Rajesh Khanna ever in his life, nor is he related to him in any way. But his love and affection for Bollywood’s first superstar prompted him to organize a shraddh ceremony at his house in Sambalpur on Thursday.

Bagh performed all the rituals that are followed in a traditional Hindu shraddh ceremony. He shaved his head, and offered ‘pinda’ for the well being the departed actor’s soul. He also organized a community feast on the occasion.

“He is a great fan of superstar Rajesh Khanna and has seen his all movies. He did not take food on the day the news of Rajesh Khanna’s passing away reached him,” Bagh’s son Pintu said on Thursday.

The residence of 55-year-old Sebaram, located in Sambalpur’s Stationpara area was crowded with people who witnessed the rituals performed by the great fan. “30 years ago, I saw him in Kolkata during the shooting of a film. I could not meet him though because of tight security. I have been a great fan of him since then,” Sebaram said.

He also informed that he decided to perform his rituals as he always felt Rajesh ji was a part of his family. “I was deeply shocked to hear the news of his death. I was unable to take food the entire day,” he said. He informed that nearly 400 people attended the shraddh ceremony on Wednesday.

Odisha IFS officer held in US for allegedly assaulting hotel maid

A senior Indian Forest Service officer from Odisha, Surendra Prasad Mohapatra, has been arrested in the US for alleged wrongful confinement of a female employee of the hotel where he was staying, according to reports reaching the state on Thursday.

Mohapatra, the regional chief conservator of forests, Sambalpur, was on a mid-career training programme to Syracuse University, New York, along with batch of over 30 other officers. Reports said 52-year-old Mohapatra, a 1986 batch IFS officer, was having problems with the Internet connection in his hotel room and had sought help from the hotel staff. “My husband told me that the woman could not fix the problem and he told her something in an irritated manner. The woman apparently lodged a complaint and police have arrested him,” the officer’s wife Seema said.

Seema said she believed that the allegations against her husband were “false”. “My husband is short-tempered but is a strict officer. He would not misbehave or do anything wrong to anyone,” she added.

Course coordinator of the training programme Direndra Bharghava, who was staying on the same floor as Mohapatra, told a news channel that Mohapatra was an “old man” and a “thorough gentleman”.

Describing the development as “unfortunate”, forest minister D P Mishra said senior officers of his department were finding out details about the incident, which has taken the officialdom here by shock. “The Indian embassy in the US has been informed about the development. The Union ministry of environment and forests is also looking into the case,” principal chief conservator of forests P N Padhi said, adding, “We are unable to directly speak to Mohapatra due to restrictions put by Pennsylvania police.”

Sources said Mohapatra left for the US on July 7 for the training programme. “We feel police has falsely implicated him. There might be some serious misunderstanding,” maintained S C Khuntia, a forest officer. Another senior forest officer said Mohapatra told him over phone that he had not committed any wrong except asking the woman to fix the Internet problem.

“When she wanted to go out without fixing the problem, Mohapatra said he asked her to go only after rectifying the problem,” the officer said with requesting anonymity.