Rajesh Khanna fan performs shraddh

Indian Railways employee Sebaram Bagh has neither met Rajesh Khanna ever in his life, nor is he related to him in any way. But his love and affection for Bollywood’s first superstar prompted him to organize a shraddh ceremony at his house in Sambalpur on Thursday.

Bagh performed all the rituals that are followed in a traditional Hindu shraddh ceremony. He shaved his head, and offered ‘pinda’ for the well being the departed actor’s soul. He also organized a community feast on the occasion.

“He is a great fan of superstar Rajesh Khanna and has seen his all movies. He did not take food on the day the news of Rajesh Khanna’s passing away reached him,” Bagh’s son Pintu said on Thursday.

The residence of 55-year-old Sebaram, located in Sambalpur’s Stationpara area was crowded with people who witnessed the rituals performed by the great fan. “30 years ago, I saw him in Kolkata during the shooting of a film. I could not meet him though because of tight security. I have been a great fan of him since then,” Sebaram said.

He also informed that he decided to perform his rituals as he always felt Rajesh ji was a part of his family. “I was deeply shocked to hear the news of his death. I was unable to take food the entire day,” he said. He informed that nearly 400 people attended the shraddh ceremony on Wednesday.

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