New Rajya Sabha member A V Swamy stresses on consensus

During the time when Rajya Sabha polls in Jharkhand are tainted by horse-trading, Bhudan leader A V  Swamy has a word of advice to all aspirants.

“I worked hard to secure the approval of all political parties. I sent my bio-data to all politicians and urged them to support me. I am very happy that they all supported me,” said Swamy, who was recently elected to the Rajya Sabha from  Odisha.

Speaking to mediapersons here on Friday, Swamy spoke about his work for the tribals. “I have watched them very closely. They joined the freedom struggle because they wanted to be free from the bondage. But even after independence, they continue to struggle because government did not pay much attention towards their development,” said Swamy. “So they took up arms. But this is no way to solve the problem. I will never support violence in the land of  Gandhi. So I appeal the Maoist to come to the mainstream,” said the 83-year-old Bhudan leader.

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