High temperature makes life uneasy

The city recorded 38 degree Celsius on Monday sending a clear message that summer is going to be very hot. “It was too hot to come out of the house after 10 am today. The hot wind is making it very difficult to drive a motorcycle,” said Bikas Swain, a company executive, who had tied a handkerchief over his head to escape the heat.

“Summer is yet to peak. The heat hasn’t set in yet,” said an officer at the local meterological department. “People may be complaining about the hot conditions but there was nothing unusual in the weather as reflected by the temperature in the past few days,” he said.

Weather officials said temperature starts to peak in the second half of April. “In Bhubaneswar, summer is on a high from second half of April to mid-May. But the summer is yet to set in with temperature hovering around 38 degrees Celsius,” said duty officer A Naik.

Met sources also added that the temperature in the afternoon is not very high because of the wind and formation of thunder clouds in some parts of the state. However, places like Angul, Talcher, Sambalpur and Titlagarh have recorded temperature above 40 degree Celsius in the last few days.

But people “We are feeling uneasy during the day because of the scorching heat. Even the evenings are quite unpleasant in Bhubaneswar due to the heavy wind. We are loitering outside home till late in the night,” said Saswati Tripathy of Sastri Nagar.

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