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What magic we can show to God?

An atheist may argue that, “Why you are thinking of God? God is no more expert than a watchmaker. This body is just like a clock. You wind it and it will go on.” but of course God is greater because He can create machines in duplicate male and female forms. Here a clock machine is there. It can produce other clock. But your clock cannot do that. That is the difference. The male and female forms of different types of machineries go on producing innumerable similar machines without God’s further attention. If a man could manufacture such a set of machines that could produce other machines without his attention, then he could approach the intelligence of God. But that is not possible, for each machine has to be handled individually. Here God-made machine is so nice and perfect that He creates one male and one female, and unlimited machine is coming out. Therefore, no one can create as well as God. Another name for God is asamaurdhva, which means that no one is equal to or greater than Him. And they are trying to manufacture another machine in the laboratory, in the test tube. What is the credit there? Millions of machine are coming out without your test tube. The scientist is very proud for inventing this flying machine. But just see millions and trillions of flying machines are flying in the sky created by God—without any machine. So you cannot surpass the intelligence and energy of God. People are after magical things. What magic we can show to God? They are trying to manufacture another machine in the laboratory, in the test tube. What is the credit there? Millions of machines are coming out without your test tube. Lord is the greatest mystic, Yogeshvara.


introduction of Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger, Visakhapatnam-Koraput Intercity Express train

The Minister of Railways, Shri Dinesh Trivedi today announced introduction of Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger (Daily) and Visakhapatnam-Koraput Intercity Express ( 18511/18512).

The Minister has also announced 26 new trains, extension of five existing trains, increase in frequency of two existing trains and introduction of new five sub-urban trains.

Today’s announcement include three Duronto, one Shatabdi, one fully AC Express, three Rajyarani Express, nine Mail and Express services, three MEMU services, three DEMU services and five EMU services.

Most of these new services announced were part of the Railway Budget 2011-12. The trains announced in the Railway Budget 2011-12 are implemented by the end of the financial year i.e. 31st March 2012.

With this announcement, 115 out of 132 new trains proposed for introduction during Railway Budget 2011-12 will get introduced, 19 out of 22 increase in frequency of trains proposed in Railway Budget 2011-12 will be effected and all the extension of trains proposed in Railway Budget 2011-12 will get implemented

The list of new trains, extension of existing services etc. is given below:

Sl Train no. and name
1 12297/12298 Pune-Ahmedabad AC Duronto (Tri-weekly)
2 22209/22210 Mumbai Central-New Delhi AC Duronto (Bi-weekly)
3 19405/19406 Ahmedabad-Yesvantpur AC Express (Weekly)
4 12567/12568 Saharsa-Patna Rajya Rani Express (Daily)
5 22101/22102 Manmad-Mumbai Rajya Rani Express (Daily)
6 19261/19262 Porbander-Kochuvelli Express (Weekly)
7 22901/22902 Udaipur-Bandra(T) Express (Tri-weekly)
8 18511/18512 Visakhapatnam-Koraput Intercity Express
9 57477/57478 Tirupati-Guntakal Passenger (Daily)
10 58301/58302 Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger (Daily)
11 59425/59426 Bhuj-Palanpur passenger (Daily)
12 66302/66303 Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU (6 days a week)
13 77683/77684 Jalna-Nagarsol DEMU (6 days a week)
14 77686/77685 & 77688/77687 Kacheguda – Nizamabad DEMU (6 days a week)
15 77681/77682 & 77679/77680 Falaknuma-Medchal DEMU (6 days a week)
16 19027/19028 Bandra (T)-Jammu Tawi Vivek Express (Weekly)
17 12293/12294 Allahabad- Mumbai AC Duronto (Bi-weekly)
18 22454/22453 Meerut-Lucknow Rajya Rani Express (Daily)
19 13423/13424 Bhagalpur-Ajmer Express (Weekly)
20 12371/12372 Kolkata-Jaisalmer Express (Weekly)
21 22451/22452 Mumbai-Chandigarh Express (Weekly)
22 19407/19408 Varanasi-Ahmedabad Express (Weekly)
23 15033/15034 Haridwar-Ramnagar Express (Tri-weekly)
24 66019/66020 Salem-Katpadi MEMU (6 days a week) (Railway Budget 2010-11)
25 66300/66301 Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU (6 days a week) (Railway Budget 2010-11)
26 Introduction of Anandvihar-Kathgodam Shatabdi Express (4 days a week)

1. 59803/59802 Nagda-Kota Passenger extension upto Ratlam
2. 19603/19604 Sultanpur-Ajmer Express extension upto Ahmedabad
3. 12965/12966 Udaipur-Gwalior Express extension upto Khajuraho
4. 55007/55008 Hajipur-Thawe Passenger extension upto Kaptanganj
5.12891/12892 Bhubaneswar-Baripada Express extension upto Bangriposi

1. 59025/59026 Surat-Amravati Fast Passenger from 2 to 3 days a week.
2. 15279/15280 Saharsa-Adarsh Nagar Delhi Express from weekly to bi-weekly

1 Avadi-Chennai Beach
2 Chennai Beach-Gummidipundi
3 Gummidipundi-Chennai Beach
4 Chennai Central-Tiruvallur
5 Tiruvallur-Chennai Central