Mystery shrouds death of student

Mystery shrouds the death of a MCA student of Sambalpur, who was declared dead at the  VSS Medical College and Hospital on Wednesday night. The girl was brought to the hospital by two youths who disappeared soon after admitting her. Doctor said she was unconscious when she was brought to the hospital.

Police have registered an unnatural death case but are unable to trace the duo, who brought her to the hospital. Doctors said a heavy dose of ‘Chloroquine’ tablets resulted in the death. Police have seized the girl’s two-wheeler from Sambalpur town.

Police said  Signdha Smrutismita Swain of Dhankauda, on the outskirts of Sambalpur, was studying MCA at Taradevi Institution of Sambalpur (affiliated to  Karnataka University). She had gone to her institution on her two-wheeler but did not return home till evening.

Victim’s father said he rushed to the hospital after receiving a call from his daughter. He claimed it was a case of murder. “We have registered a case and handed over the body to the family. We are in search of both youths, who brought the girl to the hospital”, a senior police officer said on Thursday. The policeman said the youths provided wrong information about the girl and her family to the doctors during her admission in the hospital.

One Response to Mystery shrouds death of student

  1. Saraswati Swain says:

    I am the mother of this MCA student who has murdered.I would like to bring to your notice that police and some political persons has turned this cold bloded murder case to unnatural death.

    When the girl (Snigdha) has taken to Sambalpur Hospital that time she was totally alive and doctor said that they cant provide the proper treatment so take her to VSS medical hospital. I doubted when Sambalpur Hospital taken this case why they didn’t inform to police?

    When Snigdha has taken to VSS hospital sources said that she was alive for 4/5 minutes and then doctor declared her as dead.Before she died she has told that a girl who is the main suspect Jhumi knows everything and she is the culprit.But still why police didn’t arrest her?

    When I went to give the FIR why Dhanupali Police didn’t take the FIR and why they played with an Indian Citizen?

    It was a cold bloded murdered case but police is not taking proper action.If this will continue then I will go to Supreme court to give justice to my Late daughter.

    Sir I request you to please publish my points and provide me the justice.

    Thank you,
    M/S Saraswati Swain

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