Debrigarh Ecotourism Scripts Success With Rs 2.5 Cr Revenue & 27K Visitors From India & Abroad

Debrigarh Eco Tourism

Debrigarh Ecotourism in Odisha’s Sambalpur district has earned the ‘highest-ever’ revenue of R 2.5 crore by this financial-year end, having welcomed 27,000 visitors from different parts of India and the state as well as different European countries, South Africa, California and Sydney, DFO (Hirakud wildlife division) Anshu Pragyan Das informed on Friday.

She said that more than 6,000 visitors opted for night stay at Nature Camp inside the sanctuary. “Around 5 to 10% among them were foreigners and 50% from Odisha itself. The island with safari package ‘Hirakud Cruise & Island Odyssey’ was popular mostly among local tourists. Jungle trekking with ecoguides, bird watching, kayaking and cycling were equally sought-after. More than 12,000 visitors toured the sanctuary and sighted sambar herds, bison herds, deer, bear and wild boar. Peacocks foraging together is a common sight on forest roads in the tourism zone,” she said.

The Jungle Safari trail has been divided into 7 zones for facilitating photographers and leopards are mostly sighted on the shores of Hirakud Lake. Thrice, the visitors saw a tiger marking territory near the Nature Camp and entry gate of Debrigarh in December and January, she added.

Last year, Debigarg had seen a revenue of Rs 1.5 crore with 16,000 visitors from India and abroad.

Livelihood from Debrigarh Ecotourism

Five villages and more than 45 families are engaged in ecotourism activities in Debrigarh. They are managing the Nature Camp with night stay facility and also working as drivers of safari vehicles, boatman, in souvenir shop, restaurants, gatemen and as ecoguides. The fishermen families staying temporarily at Bat Island are also a part of boating packages. This year, 11 Women Self Help Groups from villages around Debrigarh were also engaged in ecotourism activities.

Debrigarh EcoTourism Staff

Jungle Safari is for 2.30 hours and boating is for 1.30 hours. More than 2500 visitors have availed boating in Hirakud Wetland. Strict regulations and safety measures are followed by safari and boat drivers and sanctuary closes by 6 pm.

Nature Education programme like ‘Story telling sessions’ and ‘Spider Talks’ are also regularly organised for children and youth.

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