Teacher’s war roar as protest in the capital Bhubaneswar

Teacher's war roar as protest in the capital

Primary school teachers from different parts of Odisha staged a protest in Bhubaneswar on Sunday with their three-point charter of demands for the state government.

The protesting teachers claimed that they have been deprived of their dues. The first demand of the protesting teachers is to consider their six-year period of service as a regular appointment and giving appraisal for the same.

The second demand of the primary teachers association is the salary equivalent to the central scales. Further, the third demand is to implement the old pension policy in place of the new pension policy.

The protesting teachers said that in the case of the high school teachers, the state government regularized their appointment from the original appointment date whereas the same was not considered for the primary teachers despite having the same educational qualification.

The recruitment of teaching assistants started in 2001 in Odisha. Their appointment was made with a salary of Rs 1,500 per month. However, after six years of service, these teaching assistants were given the status of regular teachers.

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