Burla became a stronghold of criminals

Burla became a stronghold of criminals

As per the public opinion, Burla has become a stronghold of criminals. Theft and loot are general in Burla for criminals. Now a days they are not hesitating even to murder a person for robbery. Law & Order are not there in Burla. Burla police is doing nothing. They wasting time and money in the name of patrolling. Or the police also involve on this matters? So that the criminals do not have any fear for police.

In a recent incident, an attendant of a patient killed for loot near the canal area. Many bikes and a car and cash and jewelry were theft in Burla as per the police complain.  A jewelry of cost Rs. 6 Lakh also stolen from MCL colony.

Although Burla police have succeeded in apprehending some of the perpetrators, they have not been able to crack down on crime.

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