Unsafe boat rides in Bargarh, jackets only for VIPs

Unsafe boat rides in Bargarh

After the Hirakud boat sinking, the boat traffic law was violated. At the time, there were concerns about a dangerous boat ride. Strictly instructed to wear life-saving jackets with adequate safety measures on passenger boats. The order was strictly enforced at some boat docks. Boat traffic was cut off from ports without security equipment. But now the situation is the same again. Thousands of people are regularly marched daily in the river adjoining the Ambavona block of Bargarh district.

No boats have safety jackets. The boats are in a dilapidated condition. But there is also no incentive at the government level to repair them. Regular commuters from Chikhili in Vainadhetra panchayat, Tamdei in Bangapalli panchayat and Palsada, Patharseni ghat in Banjipali panchayat, Jarimuli etc. cross the river to Jharsuguda district. Passenger boats have been operating since the dock was auctioned off. But the condition of the boats is deplorable.

No boat has a life jacket. The boat is loaded with overcrowded people. As a result, there is always the risk of recurrence. Hundreds of people now travel by boat every day to the famous Patharseni Temple. The number of tourists is declining due to the Covid-19.

Otherwise, during the normal season, a large number of tourists flock there. Tourists travel in the depths of the great river by boat. But the boat has no safety equipment. With just a few VIPs, he is being provided with a life jacket at the official level. So for the sake of public safety, the intellectuals are demanding to provide life jackets for all passenger boats.

Last year, the fire department raid on these Ghats with the help of police and local administration. But they did not see a boat with a life jacket. Therefore, the administration should supply the safety jackets for the safety of people.


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