New Campus for GM University in Basantpur

For the new campus, a land of 50 acres has been identified at Basantpur, near to the proposed permanent location of IIM Sambalpur campus, this new campus will be the 2nd campus of the GM University acheter viagra le moins cher.

The second campus will come up in 50 acres of land at Basantpur and the identified land is currently under the control of Department of Animal Resources Development. During his recent visit to the existing GM University campus, Higher Education Minister Pradeep Panigraphy was apprised about the land selection and he has entrusted the district administration to expedite the process of transfer of the land besides, submit the required proposal to the State Government.

Under the ambitious Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the GM University has received the first phase grant of Rs 55 crore for infrastructure development. While one-fourth of this fund will be spent on the renovation of the existing campus, the rest amount will be spent on development of infrastructure of the second campus.

The GM Autonomous College was this year upgraded into an university. Deputy Registrar of the university Uma Charan Pati said new courses will also be introduced in the coming years, which require additional class rooms and laboratories. Since the existing campus over 38 acres of land does not suffice for expansion, it is important to develop a second campus, he said. The university currently has 5,300 students on its rolls.

He said that the Gangadhar Meher Junior College, which is now functioning out of the GM University campus, will also be relocated and would be shifted to Professors Colony at Budharaja.

The GM University is now offering 18 undergraduate courses, 16 postgraduate courses, seven MPhil courses and three pre-doctoral courses besides, five self-financing and three vocational courses.

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