Air Pollution Rising in Jharsuguda

Increasing air pollution in the coal-rich district has led to increasing threat of accidents. The coal dust hinders the drivers’ vision leading to accidents. District police report stated that 249 accidents cases were reported in 2013. While 98 persons died, 133 were seriously injured.

Jharsuguda has been placed at the eighth position among critically polluted districts of India. According to a survey, the district also tops in the State in spreading pollution. The measures taken by the district administration have failed to solve the problem.

Brajrajnagar MLA Anup Sai along with his supporters staged a protest on NH-49 on Thursday, demanding measures to check pollution levels. The stir was called off after Sub-Collector assured of taking corrective measures.

3 Responses to Air Pollution Rising in Jharsuguda

  1. Krish says:

    It is very much true. The belt from Jharsuguda to rengali is also very worse.

  2. bholanath pradham says:

    My home nuadihi, brajrajnagar side of nh-49 coal dust pollution & hit level very high

  3. Dhalendra says:

    It’s very much true. Due to the rising pollution level,people are suffering from various types of illness. We should all take necessary actions to stop this.

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