Suicide attempted by student because of professor’s blackmailing

A student of 2nd year, agricultural science had attempted to suicide because of a professor named Dr. Promod Kumar Panda’s black mailing.

According to sources dr. panda called her to his chamber and abused her. Dr. Panda threaten her to back in one paper, again she abused by the professor in the class room in front of the entire student on 11th of December 2012. For this type of harassment again and again the student got depress badly as she already had a back paper. She came to her room in Ghanteswari ladies hostel and attempting to suicide by cutting her hand’s nerve. Luckily she rescued by immediate treatment in Burla hospital.

On 15th of December, her father (also a lecturer) came to Chipilma and complaint to associate din D.K. Das against the dr. panda. The associate din informed to Din Professor kara. On 17th December he made a committee of 4 members and asked them for investigation on this matter. On 22nd the 4 member of committee came to Chiplma and collected the evidence from the ground.

 After the correct evidence also the OUAT officials did not take this matter seriously, and just transferred the professor Panda to a different location Bhavanipatna.

If this type of injustice to a student again and again by the institutions, then culprits like dr. panda will get bournVita for abusing or blackmailing to study.

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