Who Win The Race of BJD District President of Bargarh

Hanging situation continue at Bargarh for the post of BJD District President. Sources said after seizing the power and suspension of Pyarimohan Mahapatra from BJD, Bargarh district BJD demanding the replacement of BJD Bargarh district President, a follower of Mr. Mahapatra. Now Bargarh district BJD need a new young and energetic President to handel the current situation and improve the party image in the district.

In the race few names are suspected for the post, Ashok Panigrahi, Subash Ch Barik, Sambit Acharjya, Achuta Mahapatra and Ashok Joshi are in the front line. But most of the workers are aspecting the post given to Subash Ch Barik or Sambit Acharjya. When few other young leaders are also interested to got the position of the said post.

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