Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

Pyarimohan is sambalpur’s Dayanidhi Meher

While sharp resentment against Member of Parliament Pyarimohan Mahapatra has been brewing up all over the State, here in a Press release, former member of BJD State committee Sailesh Chandra Dani has compared him with Dayanidhi Meher of Sambalpur who was instrumental in getting Vir Surendra Sai arrested by the then British Government. “It is

Heat-wave to continue for another 48 hrs in State

Sizzling temperatures coupled with hot winds continued making life miserable for people in the entire State. As many as 25 persons succumbed to sunstroke and extreme weather conditions. However the alleged death due to sun stroke has touched 105. Due to continued heat-wave conditions, the interior areas covering western parts of the State, are experiencing