Basi Bhat

Basi Bhat  is made by soaking cooked rice in water overnight in a earthen pot.  
Care must be taken to cover the dish during the long soaking to avoid contamination.
In the morning, the soaked rice is usually eaten with salt, lime and green chili, anything roasted like alu bhaja, jhuri(small fish), sukhua, tamator chitka, hedua chitka. Anthing you love to eat is taken with the basi bhat.
To eat basi bhat, you dont need any special curry for taste because it is so tasty with salt, so you dont need anying special.
Basi Bhat is a famous dish in the era of western odisha, sambalpur, chhatishgarh, …
Eating Bashi Bhat has been recommended to prevent heat stroke in hot weather


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