Rail tracks melt in heat

Rail service was completely disrupted on the Sambalpur-Angul route for more than four hours on Wednesday after the tracks reportedly melted near Jujomora railway station in extreme heat. Train service was resumed at 2.30 pm only after replacement of the tracks. Several trains running on the route were delayed by several hours causing severe difficulties to passengers.

Railway officers said the tracks melted because of extreme hit and overloading of trains. “We have stopped all trains running on this route immediately after receiving the information. We have also taken steps on war footing to replace the damaged track. Train services resumed in the afternoon after completion of the repair work,” Sambalpur ADRM Jiyendriya Diggi said on Wednesday.

According to him melting of track is called “rail-burnt” ,which causes severe damage to railway tracks. “Rail-burnt is caused because of multiple reasons. Frequent running of trains in boiling temperature causes heavy damage to the tracks. However, we will come to know about the exact reason behind the incident only after a thorough examination,” Diggi added.

Passengers, on the other hand, alleged that it happens because of poor maintenance of the tracks.

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