Dry fish processing centre to be set up in Paradip at cost of Rs 10 cores

As local dry fish traders are producing unhygienic dry fish by preserving on chemical process so its consumption is dangerous to human health as a preservative used in dry fish is highly toxic. Realizing it, fishery department has planned to set up modern dry fish processing centre in Paradip to procure hygienic dry fish in this locality.

Sources said that thousands of families including Telgu and Bengali have been operating dry fish trade in Paradip area since generations. They have been produced variety of dry fishes by preserving chemical process causing serious threat to human being. Instead of using salt as a natural preservative, the produce is being chemically processed. In this manner, those who relish the mouth-watering dry fish curry were exposing themselves to possible food poisoning, skin diseases and other stomach trouble.

Locals have alleged that use of toxic chemicals for dry fish processing has brought panic among the dry fish eater so they have feared to use intoxicated dry fish causing dangerous to health. In last year, the marine fisheries received allegation the use of chemical in dry fish processing so department had clamped prohibitory orders on use of any form of chemical for processing dry fish. The raid and consequent seizure of toxic dry fish has come in the wake of reports of indiscriminate use of toxic substances by dry fish manufacturers to preserve their produce. Health experts have also opined that intake of chemical-processed dry fish would have adverse affect on human health.

Taking this matter seriously, marine fishery department has planned to set up modern dry fish centre to procure hygienic dry fish on natural process. This centre is not only procuring hygienic dry fish but to export quality dry fish other states and foreign countries to meet the requirement of dry fish eater. Department officials have decided to send the proposal of this centre to state and union government for its approval.

Marine fishery officials’ sources said ‘a training centre will be operating the local women to procure the hygienic dry fish in natural process and its preservation. This training center will work under this modern dry fish centre. Dry fishes will be dried on natural process so department has planned to set up solar driers to dry different types of fishes on natural process. This centre has aimed to procure 5 tones of dry fish per day in which 400 people including women will get employment on it.  After procurement, different variety of dry fishes will be exported to other states and foreign countries.  The demand of dry fish is high in western Odisha like Rourkela, Anugul, Sambalpur, Bargarh and other parts of western Odisha so the product will be transported to these areas and other states. Fishermen communities from Paradip and other areas of Jagatsinghpur and Kendrapara district will be benefited.

Assistant director of fisheries (marine), Kujanga Mr. Rabi Narayan Pattnaik said ‘we seek the support of the experts of Marine Product Export Development Authority for proper implementation of this project in Para dip. We have estimated to spend Rs 10 cores for said center and its project proposal to be sent to the government for its approval shortly. The venue of this centre has not yet finalized’. He added.

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    I’m from Bengal. I would like to have the details of the machinery for drying fish, automatically.

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