Kansa plots to kill Krishna

Undeterred by the omnipotent power of Krishna, demon King Kansa contemplates to kill him on the fifth day of the 11-day Dhanu Yatra here.

Lord Krishna, earlier in the day, continued to caper about at Gopapur with gopis by breaking their earthen pots for butter. The people of Gopapur and outsiders seemed to enjoy the pranks of little Krishna who is reprimanded by his mother Yosada for being naughty.

The enactment of ‘Vastra Haran’ at Ambapali which has turned into Gopapur drew visitors, including some foreigners.

The scene was enacted along the banks of the river Jeera as people came in large numbers to witness young Krishna having fun with the gopis. Lord Krishna also showed his supernatural powers as he danced on the hoods of the venomous serpent after vanquishing it at the local Fakira Bandh (water body) to re-enact the scene of ‘Kalia Dalan’.

It was in the evening, in Mathura that thousands of people jostled for space to have a glimpse of the ‘Ranga Sabha’ that was attended by more than 40 kings of friendly kingdoms. It was organised at the make-shift stage at Nishamani High School. The ‘Sabha’ has always been a major attraction as kings from various kingdoms rush to the ‘darbar’ of King Kansa to conspire and deliberate on the modus operandi to bump off Lord Krishna.

Kings  in colourful attire with unique hair-dos come, on the invitation of Kansa, and discussed the issue besides witnessing the ‘Nrutya’ (dance) organised in their honour.

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