Jharsuguda district BJD blamed Congress for political criminalization

Jharsuguda district Biju Janta Dal has demanded State Election commissioner & District Administration to take drastic measures against the congress MLA & his supporters in upcoming panchayat elections.BJD spokes person said that in upcoming panchayat elections local Congress MLA & his people will definitely use felony and muscle power as they did in the last assembly election.

Just like Congress openly used muscle power & wealth power in the last election was influenced the result we think that in upcoming election by using the same they will again influence the result said by district BJD. Keeping it Biju Janta Dal demanded strict legal action against the individuals with criminal backgrounds of the Congress.
Voters to vote fearlessly, for this will need to stop wealth power & gundaraj of Congress again told by district BJD. BJD leader Tapas Ray Chaudhry and district Biju Janta dal president Trinath Guwal said that the supporter of local Congress MLA not only doing felony but also doing land brokerage & cheating the poorer.

They are   buying land of Poor tribal’s, Harijan’s, at a low prices & are selling at higher prices to industrial institution. BJD leaders are demanding a high-level investigation of this illegal acts going on by the supporter of the Congress MLA. In the last meeting of RPDCA the Rajyasabha Member Kishore Mohanty raised the same issue for investigation .Similarly, the Congress people at Kumhadapali village for the construction of high capacity tower for power generation, scaring people by threatening to buy in less and selling in high price their land, on which High Court given stay order.

While, District BJD demanded the screening of Congress MLA’s property process completed soon in ongoing Kanta Das Murder case. Against local Congress MLA, Kantadas murder case & incident of threatened to the contractor is ongoing in Crime Branch. This proves that the criminal activity and terror reign is going on of Congress Mla and his supporters by overwhelmed the administration of industrial institution in Jharsuguda region. If you have guts then Congress MLA by keeping away him from political criminalization come forward to do neat & tidy politics said by BJD

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