Foreign flavour to desi beats

 Dhanu Yatra got a new flavour this year with dance troupes from Russia and Japan putting up shows. But all them were dancing to desi beats of Dhol and Nishan much to the amazement of the people, who had gathered around the Rang Sabha for a glimpse of the yatra.

“We were surprised when dancers from Russia started dancing to local Sambalpuri beats. The dance was worthy of applause because it was something rare. We are thankful to the organizers for this brilliant idea,” a local, Ram Kumar Seth, said.

Dhanu Yatra, the world biggest open air theatre begins every year during January and continues for 11 days. During this festival, Bargarh is transformed into Mathura and demon king Kansa begins his rule. The event concludes with the death of Kansa in the hands of Krushna.

The nearby Ammapali is transformed into Gopapur and river Jira is considered Yamuna. The entire town become subjects of the kingdom. Officials of the district, including collector and SP become officials of the king. “Since the event started in 1948 we have seen many artistes performing the role of Kansa. Among them are Judhistir Sathpathy and Gopal Sahu, who performed for 15 and 22 years respectively. Hrusikesh Bhoi has been performing this role since 2009,” a member of the organizing committee said.

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