Kuluth Dail


150gm horse gram (kolatha dali)

100gm rice flour (chaula gunda)

2 brinjals (baigana)

2-3  tomatoes (tamatar)

1-2 drumsticks (sajana chhuin)

2 lima beans (simba)

50 gm pumpkin (kakharu)

1 teaspoon mustard seeds(sorisha)

50gm garlic (rasuna)

2 teaspoon mustard oil (sorisha tela)

Salt to taste


Boil the kolatha dali (horse gram) in pressure cooker. Cut and wash all the vegetables. Make a mixture of rice flour and water. Add the vegetables to the cooked kolatha dali and place the cooker on the flame with its lid open.  Add salt. As soon as the vegetables start boiling, add the flour mixture and go on  stirring continuously. Fry mustard seeds and garlic in mustard oil and add to the prepared kolatha dali. Now your Kolatha Dali is ready. It should be served hot. Tastes great if served with rice and fried vegetables, especially in the winter season. This is a popular dish of Sambalpur district.

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