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AAP to Harp on Anti-Corruption Plank

Even as other political parties are yet to announce their candidates for the 2014 polls, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate for Bargarh Lok Sabha constituency, Lingaraj, is gearing up to address his first workers convention at Bargarh on Thursday.

Talking to Express, Lingraj said that AAP has already enrolled about 12,000 members and they will launch the campaign after the meeting on Thursday. Gradually such meetings will be held at each of the Assembly segments, blocks and gram panchayats, he added.

Lingaraj said that AAP is likely to field candidates in all the seven Assembly segments without which giving a strong fight in the Lok Sabha polls is not possible.

Corruption at all levels, growing joblessness and unemployment and problems of the farmers will be his key campaign issues, he said.

He said that the resignation of AAP ministry in Delhi has sent out a positive signal and people are slowly aligning with the party as they are frustrated with the growing corruption.

The AAP candidate said that local issues including forcible acquisition of land for industries in Jharusguda, massive pollution by industries, paddy procurement, black marketing of fertilisers and supply of substandard seeds will be raised.

Lingaraj said that in the name of governance, both the State government and the Centre are undermining people’s strength and

AAP will show the political parties the consequences when people wake up and react.

Admitting that generating funds would pose a problem for him, he said he would depend on the contribution of the people.

Proposed Handloom Park Yet to See Light of Day

The State Government’s ambitious Sambalpuri Ikat Handloom Park project in Bargarh district has remained confined to the pen and paper for over three years now.

In 2011, the Government had decided to set up the Park at Katapali village under Barpali block which would be the second handloom park in the country and in Asia, the first one being at Kochampalli near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

second-handloom-park-bargarhIn the wake of decreasing number of skilled weavers, the handloom park was aimed at teaching weaving to people of non-weaver community. Besides training the weavers on tie and dye processing, production and finishing of the products, the captive looms in the project will help them produce textiles as per market demands.

Sources said as of now, the detailed project report has not been finalised. The park, coming up in public-private partnership (PPP) mode, has acquired over 10 acres of land against a requirement of 25 acres.

The park will have 500 to 1,000 looms and employ 3,000 workers. So far, it has been registered as a society with 100 members including 45 national awardees and 55 master weavers.

While the society is required to arrange land on its own, the Centre and State Government will share other components of the `70-crore project. An inter-governmental panel had been constituted to work on the details of the project.

Official sources in the Handloom, Textiles and Handicrafts Department said the society members had submitted the draft of the final detailed project report last year and the authorities concerned had asked for certain changes which are yet to be made. “Besides, some portion of 10 acres that had been acquired for the project are disputed. It belongs to the tribals and hence, cannot be transferred. But we are trying to put the project on the fast track and it would be commissioned soon,” said a higher official of the department.

According to the Handloom Census 2009 of the Government of India, Bargarh has the biggest handloom cluster in the State. There are 35,000 weavers and allied textile workers and 12,500 looms in the district. Bargarh handloom cluster sprawls across Bargarh, Barpali, Bheden, Bhatli, Attabira, Bijepur, Padampur and Sohela blocks.

Bhoi’s Renomination for Lok Sabha Election under Cloud

Even as the Pradesh Election Committee (PEC) of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) is scheduled to meet in Bhubaneswar on Friday to finalise the probable list of Lok Sabha candidates, uncertainty prevails over renomination of sitting Bargarh MP Sanjay Bhoi.

While Bhoi is confident of renomination, Bargarh District Congress Committee (DCC) is strongly against his candidature over the issues of non-performance and disconnect with the voters.

In fact, several meetings of the Bargarh DCC has ended discussing non-performance and disconnect of Sanjay Bhoi with his constituency and workers. There has hardly been any Congress meeting in the district which has been attended by Bhoi in the last five years.

Opposition to Bhoi in his constituency can be gauged from the fact that he was not invited to address any meeting for campaign in election to Attabira NAC.

To make things worse, of 12 blocks in the constituency, functionaries of 11 blocks have opposed renomination of Bhoi and the same has reportedly been communicated to the OPCC.

Senior Congress leaders Prakash Chandra Debata and Kishore Chandra Patel are reportedly in the race for Bargarh Lok Sabha seat taking advantage of the opposition to Bhoi.

While Debata is banking on his relationship with the rank and file of the Congress over the years, Patel is harping on the sizeable Agaria voters to which community he belongs.

Russian dancers mesmerise Bargarh audience

Bargarh Dhanu Yatra is a combination of the traditional dramatic form and cultural extravaganza where classical and folk dances are performed to entertain the audience. While the heroic dialogues of King Kansa all through the 11-day-long Yatra are attractive and energetic for the audiences, the dances of all forms are also equally entertaining and enjoyable.

This year, the Yatra organisers have gone a step further with inclusion of five lady dancers from Russia and Rostov who performed both classical and folk dances on Ranga Mahal in ‘Mathura Nagari’ (Bargarh town) as well as on Nanda Mandap of ‘Gopapur’ (village Ambapali).

Three young women dancers from Russia, Valentina, Martha and Maria, as part of cultural exchange, performed Dalkahi, Rasarkeli and Odishi on Ranga Mahal of Kansa Maharaja. At the same time, two other lady dancers from Rostov (a part of the formerly USSR)- Elyonora and Angelina also performed Bharat Natyam on Nanda Mandap at Gopapur.

“Their talent and skill in the Indian dance form is incredible. They are as efficient as the Indian dancers,” commented Surendra Hota.  Within a very short period of time, these foreign dancers have captured the skill, posed for dance and presented it flawlessly, Hota commented. “From their adroit presentation and intricate footwork, no one can feel that they are just amateurs but apt professionals,” said another organiser Sureswar Satapathy.

Dalkahi, Rasarkeli, Odissi and Bharat Natyam from these Russian and Rostov dancers were highly appreciated by all those who witnessed the dances on Ranga Mahal and Nanda Mandap, the organisers admitted. “We are highly impressed by Indian culture and dance form. We will also spread it in our country,” Angelina said.

On the contrary, the students of Saraswati Sishu Mandir of Bargarh after being trained by the Russian dancers also presented ‘Balinki Dance,’ a folk dance of Russia on the Ranga Mahal. Meanwhile, in the open theatre of Bargarh, the story of Krishna Leela has been dramatized.

Lord Krishna has taken birth in the Karagara (jail) of Mathura Nagari. He has been also shifted to Gopapura in the midnight. Bijuli Kanya, through ‘Sunya Bani’ (voice from the heaven) has told Kansa that his killer is growing in Gopapura and all his plans to kill Lord Krishna inside the jail would be foiled.

Bargarh Decked up for Dhanu Yatra

The stage is all set for the 11-day open air theatre Dhanu Yatra to begin from today, Monday.

With the central theme of the festival based on the Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay, the enactment will begin with wedding of King Kansa’s sister Devaki with Basudev followed by his accession to throne dethroning his father Ugrasen and conclude with ‘Kansa Badha’ at the hands of nephew Lord Krishna.

kansa darbar

Considered the biggest open air theatre in Asia, the festival was organised to celebrate the Independence and victory of the good over the evil. Bargarh Municipality limits conforms to Mathura where King Kansa will rule.

River Jeera represents river Yamuna across which is situated village Ambapali which turns into Gopapur where Krishna will be brought up. The festival, which is a synthesis of stage, theatre and cinema, will be held for 11 days preceding the Pousa Purnima. Every year, the organisers add a new dimension to the festival to set aside the monotony and add colour to the festival.

This year, a 250 feet long and 25 feet wide Rangoli was drawn by students from various institutions depicting each aspect of the festival. It was a visual delight as the entire episode of Mathura Vijay and Krishna Leela was depicted frame by frame with multi-coloured Rangoli outside Women’s College here.

kansaBesides, cultural troupes from across the country including traditional dance troupes of the district and the State will perform. This year, dancers from Russia are slated to perform on the stage to entertain King Kansa and they have already reached Bargarh.

Moreover, on the sideline of the festival, a State-level handloom exhibition-cum-sale is jointly organised by Sambalpuri Bastralaya and Development Commissioner for Handloom, Ministry of Textile besides Pallishree Mela. This apart, there will be trade fair and the traditional Meena Bazar complete with joy rides and a variety of utility items on sale.