Vigilance raid on forest range officer in Kalahandi

Vigilance raids on range officer Keshab Majhi

On Wednesday, Odisha vigilance raid on the premises of a Forest Range Officer of Ke Gaon Forest Range in Kalahandi, in connection with a case of acquisition and possession of assets disproportionate to his known sources of income.

The accused officer has been identified as Keshab Majhi.

On the allegation of possession of disproportionate assets by the accused officer, simultaneous house searches are being conducted at four places in Kalahandi, including the officer’s residential building at OM Nagar, Kesinga Town, said sources.

1. Residential triple-storeyed building of Majhi located at OM Nagar, Kesinga Town, Dist -Kalahandi.

2. Office Chamber of Majhi located at Kegaon,Dist-Kalahandi.

3. Residential Govt. Quarter of Majhi located at Ke gaon,Dist-Kalahandi.

4. Residential House of Majhi located at vill- Brahmani PS -Kesinga, Dist-Kalahandi.

According to sources, the vigilance team led by 5 DSsP, 6 Inspectors and other staff are conducting the searches.

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