Historians stress on conservation of rock arts

A three-day national conference on ‘Recent developments in the scientific research on rock art heritage’ concluded here where speakers from reputed educational institutions of the country and abroad took part and praised the contribution of Odisha to the rock art of country. “Western Odisha also plays a vital role as far as rock art is concerned,” said Kalyan Kumar Chakrabarty of Rock Art Society of India (RASI).

The seminar was organised by School of History of GangadharMeher University (GMU) with financial assistance from the RASI where scholars in large numbers took part with presentation of their papers. Discussions apart, teachers, students, researchers and archaeologists also visited different rock art spots of the district and region including BhimaMandali.

The seminar focussed on accelerating the scientific discoveries, critical analysis and cultural significance from a multidisciplinary approach. It further emphasised the need to conserve and promote them by developing an integrated stakeholders’ model.

Higher Education Minister ErRohitPujari appealed the RASI officials to preserve the historic rock arts of the State and country and also appealed them to focus more on ‘BhimaMandali’ that comes under his constituency in Rairakhol area having unique art forms. “Rock art has got the link with Vedic mantras and hence it has got deeper meanings that researchers should explore,” Pujari said.

“The School of History in GMU is not confined to classroom teachings or books only. It is making all out efforts to collect more on rock arts through field visits and surveys,” said HoD of History in GMU DrAtul Kumar Pradhan.

In the concluding session, presided over by Prof N Nagaraju, Vice Chancellor of GMU, the speakers while narrating their experiences from the field visits, also suggested for their scientific conservation as some of them are on the verge of fast erosion.

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