Landslides on Laxmidunguri Hill in Sambalpur

Landslides on Laxmidunguri Hill in Sambalpur

Landslides occurred on Burla Laxmidunguri Hill in Sambalpur. As a result of that traffic was disrupted on NH 53. The administration has restricted movement of vehicles on the road.

Vehicular movement on the Sambalpur-Burla National Highway-53 was disrupted after stones heaped on the on road after a landslide occurred on the nearby Laxmidunguri hill.

Following the landslide, one side of the National Highway was closed by erecting a barricade on the Mahanadi side. It is also apprehended that landslide might occur anytime again as rainfall continues in the area.

In the past, many time stones rolled down to road. Many time one person of road was blocked in past.

Rainfall is there, it is obvious that stones might be rolled down.

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