Terrible fire at gas station, one dead and one injured

On Tuesday, a man was burnt and another got injured in a fire mishap at GO GAS agency. The warehouse of this agency is illegal as it situated in a crowded area in  Kainsir Sambalpur. The agency name is MAA DURGA GO GAS agency. Terrible fire at gas station, one dead and one injured.

The deceased was identified as 23-year-old Raja Ranjit of Khandual village within Dhanupali police limits. He was an employee of the gas agency. The other person try to wipe out the fire but he unable to do that and call the fire department. The firefighters  removed about 10 cylinders from inside. Gas was leaking from those cylinder so that the firefighter throw all the cylinders to a place of water near by.

A certain rule should be maintain to open gas warehouse, it can not be opened in a residential area. At the same time, no one can keep more than 7 cylinders at a time without registration. So under what circumstances did the gas agency keep about 40 cylinders?

The supply department had this information or not, Or the department was deliberately silent. An investigation is started that how the gas agency opened that warehouse. Now the questions arises, even after storing so many gas cylinders, Why was there no fire extinguisher in the rented house?

Sources said the mishap took place at around 8.30 am. Locals saw smoke emanating from the gas agency, which operates from a house in Kainsir area, and informed the fire services personnel and police. A fire tender rushed to the spot and doused the blaze after half an hour. Raja’s charred body was found in the kitchen of the house.

Assistant fire officer Jitendra Biswal said, around 40 filled LPG cylinders were stored in the warehouse of the gas agency. The employee, who died in the mishap, was perhaps cooking when the fire broke out due to leakage in a gas cylinder kept in the storeroom.


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