SMC’s Waste management

Recently the SMC is doing good job in the area of Waste Management. Before they just dumping the wastes at Durgapali and bank of the Mahanadi river.

At present, SMC is handling around 120 TPD of waste every day of which more than 50 percent is biodegradable waste. Enforcement officer of SMC, Subhankar Mohanty said, the biodegradable waste is processed into organic manure and sold as ‘Mo Khata’ and the recyclable waste sent to authorized dealers. Similarly, the non-recyclable items are sent to near by cement industries for co-processing at kiln.  At least 320 women SHG members are engaged by SMC. Sixty battery-operated vehicles are being run by these women while 75 more vehicles will be put to use soon.

Multiple composting plants and waste management practices have been successful in treating over 120 TPD of waste everyday in the city that was battling with garbage disposal for a long time.

Until two years back, garbage generated from within SMC area was being dumped at temporary dumping yard in Durgapali along Mahanadi river. While tons of unsegregated solid waste heaped across a large patch of land and smoke emanating from burning garbage mound throughout the day, posed risk to not only the nearby residents but also the stray animals, the pollution caused due to it remained an unaddressed concern.

Following the operation of multiple Micro Composting Centre (MCC) and Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), the SMC also started door step collection of garbage from every household. Eventually, SMC also started segregation of wet waste and dry waste at source.


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