Farmer lost life in police negligence

Gunanidhi Bisoi

Gunanidhi Bishoi, a 48-year-old farmer, lost his life due to police negligence. He went to Kishanagar police station in Cuttack district hoping for justice in the land dispute. However, his hopes were dashed by the police work-flow.

He poured kerosene on his body at the police station premises on Thursday and set it on fire. He died at Ashwini Hospital in Cuttack on Friday.

Mostly people who go to the police station, unable to get justice due the police officers, abusive staff, red-eyed.

The police is Squeezing the normal voice by their power and greed for money. Helpless people like Gunanidhi are choosing extreme forms of death, as the attitude of police force cannot be changed since the British days.

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