Bargarh’s Santosh wins gold in Delhi games

Santosh Kumar Pradhan wins gold medal in Khello India National Master Game Competition. He represented Odisha in the second Khello India National Master Game Competition, which was held at the New Delhi. He works for the Bargarh police department.

He scored first position in long jump, triple jump and 100 mt hurdles and was named the best player in the game. So he secured gold. Ravi Kant (IPS) of the RC Commission in Delhi felicitated him at the Delhi.

From May 11 to 15, the first Pan India National Masters Championship was held at the Dravid Paduken Stadium in Bangalore.  In the competition Pradhan also brought glory for the State and district by bringing three gold medals in the long jump, double jump and 100-meter hurdles respectively and silver in high jump.

After reaching at the Bargarh police station, the SP felicitated Padhan on Sunday.  It is learned that Padhan will represent India at the upcoming World Master Games in Japan and he is preparing himself for it.

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