Superstition: Ear wound can be cured by inserting Cobra Tail

A villager asked a Sapera (Snake Charmer) to insert cobra tail into his ear.  As his superstitious belief that the suppuration of ear can be cured by inserting cobra tail into his ear.

This incident was happened when a cobra seen in a garden of a villager and he asked the Sapera to rescue the cobra from his garden. In the mean time another villager came to the place and asked the Sapera to insert the cobra tail into his ear so that his ear wound can be cured.

But the ENT Specialist of Sambalpur DHH denied it and said this is totally baseless and requesting people to do not belief in such superstition activities. In Ayurveda also there is no such thing that ear wound can be cured by inserting cobra tail

So it is a request to all human being that do not faith on such superstitious activities.

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