PM Praises Isak Munda in Mann Ki Baat

PM Praises Isak Munda in his Mann Ki Baat. Isak Munda is a successful youtuber from Babupali village, a village near Maneswar in Sambalpur District. Now he is a celebrity and a person of inspiration for many. PM talk about the story that how Isak Munda started his journey from poor wager to a successful youtuber who earns good money from youtube. His posted videos are about the day to day lifestyle of a tribal villager.

Previously he worked as a daily wager, when govt. announced lock down for the novel covid-19 in march, he lost his job. He was thinking that how to run his family in this pandemic, and he found youtube is his job field by taking inspiration from some youtuber. He started posting some small videos like eating of Basi Pakhal, a famous dish in Odisha that was the yesternight watery rice. Now he is a successful youtuber and earns good money from youtube. His success is so much that, PM has to praised his story in his Mann Ki Baat.

Mann Ki Baat a radio programme hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he addresses the people of the nation on All India Radio, DD National and DD News.

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