Maa Ghanteswari Temple

Maa Ghanteswari Temple, as the name indicates there’s bells in every direction. The temple is located 33 km south-west of Sambalpur and on the bank of river Mahanadi. It played an important role for navigation in the past. It was called a light house without a light.

A temple also existed here, of Goddess Ghanteswari from whom the place got its name. Earlier there were some large bells on this spot and with the help of wind those created enormous sound which made the navigators aware of this treacherous spot.

This area being the conglomeration of three streams of water of river Mahanadi, the water current here is very dangerous forming a whirlpool. Due to this many boats get drowned while nearing this spot. Here the wind blows quite heavily and with the help of it, the bells produce sound.

Now after the construction of Hirakud Dam, this spot became safer. The specialty of this temple area is thousands of bells hanging everywhere, the only place of its kind in Odisha.

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